The Marty Smith Podcast: The Guys Take Part in a Unique College Football Draft as They Celebrate the Upcoming Season

by Chris Haney

The guys are back after a super busy week and we’ve got another fun one on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. We don’t have any guests joining the show this week, but that just means listeners get to enjoy Marty, Wes, and Travis shootin’ the breeze and crackin’ jokes that much more.

Host Marty Smith opens up about his week down in Florida where he went on a fishing trip. While deep sea fishing, Smith caught a grouper that was twice his size. His fishing guide estimated that the enormous fish was 50 to 60 years old, and weighed over 300 pounds. The craziest part is the fishing guides were shooting for Marty to catch a 600-pounder. Regardless it was one heck of a fishing trip.

Yet while in The Sunshine State, Smith also had the opportunity to give back to a local high school football team. He gives listeners a taste of that story that will air later this fall, and let’s just say you won’t want to miss it.

Next up, all three of the guys are clearly excited for the start of the college football season. Marty doesn’t just report on the SEC for ESPN, he’s been a college football fan since he was a kid. In fact, his father used to take him to Virginia Tech football games on Saturdays.

As for co-host Wes Blankenship, he’s a Georgia Bulldog through and through. After last season’s national championship victory, no one’s more excited to see UGA back on the field. Plus, The Marty Smith Podcast producer Travis Rockhold attended The Ohio State University. So, you know he’s hype about his Buckeyes going into the season.

The first full weekend of games is kicking off next week. To ring in the occasion, the guys are taking part in a unique college football draft. So, let’s get into it and find out who everyone’s picking on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast.

The Guys Take Part In a College Football Draft on ‘The Marty Smith Podcast’

So here’s the run down of how this unique draft is going to work. It’s not like a normal fantasy football draft where you select players at each skill position. Instead, to celebrate all things college football, Travis came up with an original idea. Each of the guys are going to select an offense, defense, head coach, favorite tradition, and their favorite college football stadium.

Here’s the catch though. Once someone has picked a coach or offense or whatever from a school, no one can choose anything from that university again. One pick per school, and that’s it. The draft order is Travis, Wes, and then Marty, but it’s a snake draft so Marty will go first in the second round and so on. Additionally, they can each pick from any category at any point in the draft.

Then, we’ll see how each of their answers stack up against the others. Simple enough, right? It’s more fun to listen to the guys make their picks and debate them, but for the sake of brevity, here’s each of their picks.

Marty’s Draft Picks

  1. Stadium – Tiger Stadium (LSU)
  2. Defense – Georgia
  3. Tradition – Tennessee Volunteers running through the T
  4. Offense – Southern California
  5. Head Coach – Jim Harbaugh

Wes’ Draft Picks

  1. Offense – Ohio State
  2. Defense – Clemson
  3. Head Coach – Sam Pittman
  4. Tradition – Colorado’s Ralphie the Buffalo run
  5. Stadium – Notre Dame Stadium

Travis’ Draft Picks

  1. Defense – Alabama
  2. Head Coach – Lane Kiffin
  3. Tradition – Virginia Tech’s entrance to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”
  4. Offense – Coastal Carolina
  5. Stadium – Rose Bowl

“That was an awesome experience, that was a really good idea,” Marty Smith said after completing the draft. “That was 47 minutes of excellence.”

The guys continued to debate who had the best draft picks a bit more. But they’re going to take the debate to social media and let the fans decide instead. So, keep an eye out on Outsider’s social media pages and make sure to vote for your favorite selections.

The guys talk about that and much more on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out the entire podcast in the link below, or listen to their full conversation on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.