The Marty Smith Podcast: The Guys Talk College Football, Lawnmower Racing, and Playing Football as Kids

by Chris Haney
(via Outsider/ The Marty Smith Podcast)

After taking last week off, The Marty Smith Podcast returns as the guys catch up on their time off, talk college football, and more on the newest episode. Marty has been a busy guy the last two weeks. He’s covered a bunch of college football games for ESPN and traveled overseas to Costa Rica, but Marty’s back and listeners have another great show to look forward to.

To start off the podcast, the guys get into some college football talk. First, they praise the Kentucky Wildcats for their 4-1 start to the season. That record includes a huge upset win over the Florida Gators. UK head coach Mark Stoops has done a great job since he arrived in Lexington. It didn’t happen overnight, but the guys give credit to the university for giving Stoops time to implement his system.

Next up, the guys talk about the Georgia Bulldogs and some of their struggles early on this year. Co-host Wes Blankenship admits his Dawgs have started out slow after winning the national championship last season. This past weekend, UGA squeaked out a win against Missouri and Wes knows his boys can’t play like that all season if they expect to repeat.

“I’m not gonna bore y’all with the details of why it happened,” Wes said on The Marty Smith Podcast. “But it’s a young team, and they can’t just show up and win.”

After that, the guys had a hilarious conversation about grocery store preferences. Publix, Kroger, Target, and Trader Joe’s seems to be the consensus for the group. However, the one thing they can’t agree on is how to pronounce the word “gnocchi.” The discussion over Italian dumplings made of potatoes led to this hysterical exchange on the podcast.

“What is gnocchi?” he host of The Marty Smith Podcast jokingly said, pronouncing it ‘Nee-yo-kee.’

“It’s like a cell phone,” Wes hilariously answered, referencing Nokia mobile phones, as everyone laughed.

“Can you text on that thing, Travis?” Marty amusingly asked.

Marty knew exactly what gnocchi is, but we’re still not sure if any of the guys pronounced it correctly. And to be honest, we’re still not sure what the correct pronunciation even is at this point. The guys talk and joke around a lot more though on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast.

‘The Marty Smith Podcast’ Host Goes Racing On a Lawnmower

Host Marty Smith also shared a story about traveling down to Stevenson, Alabama to a local quarter-mile dirt track a couple months ago. He wasn’t covering any NASCAR races per usual. Instead, he was there to see an entire day of lawnmower racing.

Now, these aren’t your typical cut the grass on the weekend lawnmowers. They’re souped up racing machines that just kinda look like you’re riding a lawnmower, Smith explained. But there was one thing no one told Smith before he got there, and that’s that he’d be racing on one of the lawnmowers himself.

“I didn’t know I was gonna race the thing,” Marty said on the podcast. “So, I’m lookin’ at this thing and it’s a racing machine. I mean if you were mowing your lawn with that thing, you’d be done in six minutes.”

Marty got on the lawnmower and did his best, but the racetrack isn’t under the best of conditions. It’s dry and dusty and that made it difficult to handle the racing lawnmower.

“I get on it and I can’t stop spinnin’ it out,” Marty amusingly recalled. “It has way more power than the racetrack conditions could kinda handle. And so I didn’t really need a restrictor plate, I needed talent and I didn’t have that.”

Even though our host won’t be quitting The Marty Smith Podcast anytime soon to become a lawnmower racer, he still had a blast. “It was so much fun,” Marty shared.

The Guys Recall Growing Up and Playing Football as Kids

Later on in the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, the guys took a trip down memory lane and got nostalgic about playing football as children. Each of our co-hosts talked about the benefits for kids who play on a team in various competitive sports.

That got producer Travis Rockhold to revisit his Pop Warner days from when he was 12 years old. His team, the Bruins, won the championship that year behind Travis’ fierce play at center and cornerback. Additionally, the team named him “Mr. Bruin” for his contributions. Wes joked that Travis should’ve been introducing himself as Mr. Bruin for years now. Marty also had to commend his dual positions and had a good laugh as well.

“That’s a helluva athletic feat,” Marty joked. “There’s not a whole lot of individuals in the history of man since they made the football out of pigskin that there’s been a guy who played cornerback who was a lockdown [and center]. Travis Island, we’ve heard of Revis Island, but have you heard of Travis Island?”

That led Marty to share his own amusing football story of getting trucked by a 200-pound high schooler. In fact, our host even remembers his opponents name – Cornell Wesley.

“It’s first and forever,” Marty said setting up his high school football game scenario. “And they run old school, off tackle right. They hand the football off to Cornell Wesley. Or maybe toss sweep, one of the two. And I fill the hole. I am gonna knock the crap out of Cornell Wesley. I hit Cornell Wesley and I mean it was a pop! And I laid on my back and looked over my shoulder and watched Cornell Wesley go 80 yards for a touchdown. I was a speed bump.”

The guys talk about that and much more while sharing plenty of amusing stories on the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to check out the entire podcast in the video above, or listen to their full conversation on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.