Toby Keith, Your Best Field Trip, and Thanksgiving on the Marty Smith Podcast

by Clayton Edwards

This week’s episode of The Marty Smith Podcast has just about everything you could want. First, Marty, Travis, and Wes spend some time talking about college football. Then, they waxed nostalgic about school field trips. Finally, the episode wraps up with the remainder of Marty’s conversation with 90s country superstar Toby Keith.

The Guys Take a Field Trip to the Good Old Days

This conversation proves that you never know what you’re going to get on The Marty Smith Podcast. While talking about Georgia’s football rivalries, Wes Blankenship brought up Dahlonega, Georgia. Travis, bless his heart, had never heard of the town before. So, Wes and Marty had to educate him. The focus moved from college football to school field trips.

According to Wes, Dahlonega is where everybody in that area of Georgia goes for field trips. “This was every kid’s field trip. You go to Dahlonega, you go to this fine gold and gem mining tour, and you pan for gold. And, you get a little vial… and it has a little fart of gold in it.” Then, Mary Smith and Travis Rockhold told the podcast audience about their favorite field trips.

Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation

Travis turned the tide of The Marty Smith Podcast when he brought up Thanksgiving side dishes. First, Travis weighed in with his must-have. “I have to have my mac & cheese.” Like most honest folks, Travis said he’d rather have homemade but doesn’t “have anything against” Kraft.

Marty’s Thanksgiving must-have is sweet potato casserole. Of the dish, he said, “It has to be lathered in butter, it has to be lathered in cinnamon, it has to have candied pecans.” However, Marty takes his in a different direction. Instead of baking it, he tosses it in the Pit Boss and smokes it.

Wes’ choice was a little more personal. He chose his grandmother’s specialty, red rice. It’s a spicy curry rice dish. He said his grandmother isn’t able to make it this year. Instead, the responsibility falls on his mother. About that, he said, “She’s feelin’ a lot of pressure right now to step up to the plate and knock the red rice out of the park.”

Toby Keith on The Marty Smith Podcast

The second part of Marty Smith’s interview with Toby Keith caps off the podcast. TK starts this leg of their conversation by telling Marty that his debut single “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” was the most important song of his career. The song hit the top of the country singles chart and gave Toby a strong foundation for the rest of his career.

Then, Toby Keith told Mary Smith and the podcast audience how the album How Do You Like Me Now?! changed things for him. He turned the album in at Mercury Records and they “didn’t hear a hit” on it. So, they pulled two songs from it, pressed his first Greatest Hits record, and told him to deliver a new album. So, TK replaced those two songs and turned the album back in. The ensuing argument ended with Keith exiting Mercury, buying the album back from the label, and taking it to Dreamworks Records. They sold over 4 million copies. About this, TK said, “You’ve gotta pick your fights. That didn’t fight the industry. It fought my label.”

Finally, Toby Keith talked about how the pandemic revived 90s country and how that led to him going to Mexico to write his latest record Peso in My Pocket.

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