Uncut with Jay Cutler: Andrew Whitworth Talks Super Bowl Win, Opens Up About Matthew Stafford, and Recalls Tough Times in Cincinnati

by Chris Haney

For this week’s brand new episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler, we’ve got a Super Bowl champion from the Los Angeles Rams joining the show. Offensive linemen Andrew Whitworth is a two-time First-team All-Pro, a four-time Pro Bowler, and can now add a Lombardi trophy to his résumé. He was a key player for the Rams championship run as their starting left tackle who protected quarterback Matthew Stafford’s blindside. After winning his first Super Bowl, Whitworth hung up his cleats and rode off into the sunset that is retirement as a champion.

Whitworth joined the podcast recently to talk about his life and long career in the NFL. Obviously, Outsider’s very own Jay Cutler had a lengthy NFL career as well, so the pair had plenty to chat about as they dived into their profession. While talking about L.A.’s Super Bowl-winning season, Whitworth opened up about the addition of Stafford to the team. He spoke about the difference the QB made in just his first season.

Additionally, Whitworth shared about his experience working with Rams head coach Sean McVay and how important he is to L.A.’s success. In contrast, the star lineman speaks about his 11 seasons in Cincinnati, which were much different than his time in California. The Ohio city had a bit of a rough downtown scene during Whitworth’s early years there. Plus, at the time, the Bengals had one winning season over the previous 20 years. So there wasn’t exactly a winning culture in Cincy. The host and his guest dive into all this and much more on the newest episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler.

Host Jay Cutler Talks Quarterbacks, His Guest Shares About Playing With Matthew Stafford

The L.A. Rams have been a perennial Super Bowl contender for five or six years now. However, the organization thought they were one player away from winning it all. That’s why the Rams made a blockbuster trade last offseason with the Detroit Lions for QB Matthew Stafford.

Los Angeles bet it all on Stafford taking the team to the promised land, and it paid off in spades. In his first year with his new team, he led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory. Host Jay Cutler asked his guest if he knew right away that Stafford was the “real deal” when he arrived in L.A.

“I did, you don’t have to be around him long to realize that different switch he has,” Andrew Whitworth said to Jay Cutler. “That ability to just be aggressive and be confident and know that he has talent and abilities and pull the trigger. It’s been really fun to see him in these moments.”

Stafford’s biggest knock on his career was that he never had much postseason experience while in Detroit. He consistently put up huge individual numbers with the Lions, but the team suffered numerous losing seasons. In fact, he had never even won a playoff game. Yet Whitworth knew the Rams were in good hands once Stafford arrived.

“You think about his career in Detroit, he didn’t have a whole lot of moments where it’s like year in and year out you’re in a competitive game. Or you’re in a game where it’s like alright, this game means a lot, and I’ve gotta go out there and perform,” Whitworth said. “And to see him kinda go throughout this last season and really just how much it almost woke him up a little bit and made him bring out even more of his personality, I think it’s been really fun to be a part of.”

Andrew Whitworth Opens Up About Working With Sean McVay

As one of the youngest and brightest minds in the NFL, L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay has put the league on notice in recent years. Still only 36 now, McVay took over the team at just 30 years old in 2017. It was an unheard of move to hand over an NFL team to someone his age at the time. Now, every NFL team is looking to hire the next young NFL mastermind whenever they have a coaching vacancy as they try to emulate McVay and the Rams’ success.

Host Jay Cutler picked Andrew Whitworth’s brain a bit about meeting McVay. He wanted to know how quickly the Pro Bowl lineman bought into McVay’s vision for the Rams’ future. The two hit it off immediately and Whitworth knew he wanted to work for and with McVay.

“There’s a few times in your career you either meet a coach, a position coach, or maybe an offseason trainer or something where you’re like, alright, this guy may see things really the same way. Like, I want to work with this person,” Whitworth said of McVay. “And when I met him, I was like, man, our vision for our team and what winning football looks like and how you go about that process is very similar. It’s right up the alley of what I’d want to be a part of.”

The Super Bowl Champion Dives Into His Past Career in Cincinnati

In 2006, the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Andrew Whitworth with the 55th overall pick. The offensive linemen played high school football in Louisiana for an extremely successful program. He then went on to win a national championship while playing football for the LSU Tigers. Whitworth grew accustomed to winning, but that would change in Cincy. In addition to a struggling franchise, the city itself didn’t have much to offer either in the 2000s.

“It was crazy because at that time in Cincinnati, man, it was kinda rough – downtown scene, everything. It was not much, not much there other than sports. Was definitely a huge change,” Whitworth explained.

As mentioned, the Bengals only had one winning season over the last couple of decades when he arrived. For someone that’s used to winning, that was a tough pill to swallow.

“We were 58-2 in high school. And then going to LSU and winning a bunch and winning a national championship, that was quite a change. In Cincinnati, in a place that I think had one winning season in 20 something years. So that was something new and different, that’s for sure,” he added about his time as a Bengal.

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