Uncut with Jay Cutler: Breland Sings Country Hook in Studio, Talks Love of ‘Finding the Hook’

by Jonathan Howard

This week, Uncut with Jay Cutler had country music star/rapper Breland on to talk about his career and more. The Outsider Studios played host to the conversation. He’s one of the brightest stars in the genre and gave listeners a special treat by dropping a hook right there during the episode!

One thing that Breland has made clear early in his career is that he’s a hook master. He can find the right harmonies and lyrics to put together a fun hook that fans love to sing along with. It didn’t come naturally. He wrote more than 2000 songs between 2014-2020.

“Anyone who knew me between the years of like 2014 and 2020 I was not present. I was just writing songs,” Breland explained to Jay. “I was just writing songs and if I was doing anything else it was so I can write more songs.”

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One of the best parts of the interview was when Breland got into how he writes. Jay asked him if he’s more of an artist that writes the words to music or puts music to words. The answer makes a lot of sense if you are familiar with Breland’s music.

“I usually write to chords. Whether I come up with the chords or I’m with an instrumentalist or someone that’s building a track. That’s usually how I do it. But I will sometimes build chords to whatever melody comes to mind. And I’m someone that if I’m not speaking I’m probably singing something in my mind or at least hearing a melody. I’m often guilty of mindlessly humming.”

But, there’s something about discovering the hook. Finding that moment where it all clicks and you know that you have a big hit on your hands.

“There’s like two things that I’m obsessed with the moment. One the moment where I successfully land the hook. That’s the punchline, that’s it! There’s a hook that I wrote called ‘Line Dancing.'”

So, he sang it for Jay and the listeners.

Oh girl you got me line dancing/Between sober and way too drunk/Oh you really got me line dancing/Between what we are and what it was/There’s the lines we draw and the ones we cross and the one I hit when it’s been too long/And I don’t know if it’s right or wrong/But that’s the line I’m dancing on.”

That’s some great insight from a young artist in country music. Getting a look at how it all goes down and even getting a little unreleased hook in the process. If you want to check out the full episode make sure to catch Breland on Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.