Uncut with Jay Cutler: Cam Hanes Shares His Favorite Places to Hunt in the United States

by Chris Haney

In the most recent bonus episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler, the former NFL quarterback turned podcast host welcomed Cam Hanes to the show. Hanes is well-known for his more than a dozen appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience where he often talks about health and fitness, and shares stories related to his passion for bowhunting. In fact, hunting is how he and Rogan became such good friends over the years.

Hanes has been hunting since his early days growing up in small town Oregon as a teenager. His stepdad introduced him to the outdoors and hunting as a way of life. However, when Hanes was 18, he picked up his first bow and he’s never looked back. He never went hunting with a rifle after that, and is as dedicated a bowhunter as they come.

While speaking on Uncut with Jay Cutler, the podcast host and special guest shared their mutual love for hunting. Cutler is an avid outdoorsman and hunter like many more of us here at Outsider. While speaking about their shared love of all things outdoors, Cutler asked Hanes about his favorite hunting grounds. Cam’s favorite animal to hunt is elk, so his favored hunting areas all revolve around the huge deer species.

“I just like elk hunting. So wherever I can get after the best elk,” Cam Hanes explained on Uncut with Jay Cutler. “Now, because I’ve geared my life to this for decades, I know the very best elk country. And I’ve earned the opportunity to hunt that.”

Cam Hanes Reveals Where He Tracks the Largest Bull Elk

As Cam Hanes continued to talk about his passion for bowhunting for bull elk, he broke down his favorite states to hunt in. He likes the challenge that’s involved with backcountry bowhunting, but he has some preferences when it comes to locations.

The 54-year-old loves hunting for bull elk in both Utah and Colorado. Hanes has great spots he’s visited that always seem to treat him well. In addition, they may even have more elk to hunt in those areas. Yet one other region Hanes claims to have the largest elk, and that’s his favorite to hunt.

“So to me, where I go in Utah is just lights out. In Colorado I have a really good spot there,” Cam Hanes explained on Uncut with Jay Cutler. “But the biggest [bull elk], and the best… maybe not as many bulls, but the biggest bulls I hunt are in Arizona on the San Carlos Indian reservation. Those are free range bulls and the reservation is giant. I think it’s like 1.8 million acres, but those mountains are magical, and they grow just giant bulls.”

Hanes admits it’s very expensive to hunt on the reservation’s land. That’s why the first time he had the opportunity to hunt there, he assumed it would be his last trip there as well. Yet he’s soon heading back for his fifth visit to the Arizona reservation.

“When I first went down there, it was gonna be a once in a lifetime. I was never going to be able to afford it again,” Hanes recalled on the podcast. “It’s pretty expensive to afford the opportunity to go out there. And I’m like, ‘Well, this is it. Once in a lifetime.’ So now this will be my fifth year there.”

The guys talk much more about bowhunting and Cam Hanes’ career during this week’s bonus episode. Make sure to check out his full conversation with host Jay Cutler in the video above, or tune in and listen to Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.