Uncut with Jay Cutler: Country Star Randy Rogers Talks Releasing New Bourbon and His Venture Into a ‘Cutthroat’ Liquor Industry

by Chris Haney

This week, Uncut with Jay Cutler welcomed country star Randy Rogers to Outsider Studios for a conversation about his long career in the music business. The musician spoke plenty about his 22-year career with The Randy Rogers Band. He chatted about touring, songwriting, and his love/hate relationship with country music radio. Later in the conversation, Rogers also opened up about his new brand of liquor he released in September 2021.

Rogers has worked tirelessly for more than two decades in the music industry. His success has also allowed him to take part in several ventures outside of music over the years. He owns Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, which is a famous local venue where country icon George Strait got his start. Additionally, Rogers began his career on stage there as well.

Further, Rogers is a co-owner of a music venue and bar in Roanoke, TX called ChopShop Live. The country singer’s wife also owns a couple boutiques in the Lone Star state. Most recently though, Rogers came out with his own liquor brand influenced by his hometown of New Braunfels, TX. The town is notable for its German heritage, which inspired Rogers’ new liquor brand called Bahnbrëcker. The liquor brand’s first-ever release, Slow River Blend, is a Hefeweizen-style whiskey. Rogers spoke about the bourbon and shared more details about its creation on Uncut with Jay Cutler.

“So Hefeweizen whiskey. It’s macerated with clove and lemon peel. It’s three year old whiskey, wheat whiskey. We source it from the Midwest and Texas, distill it there in Austin and it’s delicious,” Rogers explained. “It’s sweet and has a great finish. Can drink it on the rocks… It’s delicious, it’s called Bahnbrëcker Slow River Blend. Bahnbrëcker is loosely translated in German to mean trailblazer. And I live in New Braunfels, Texas so it’s ‘The Spirit of New Braunfels,’ which is a big German community. It’s awesome.”

Randy Rogers Chats About Bourbon ‘Learning Curve’ on ‘Uncut with Jay Cutler’

Randy Rogers said it’s been a fun adventure getting into the whiskey business. Yet he admits he knew next to nothing about making the spirit. The country singer joked that he only knew how to drink it and what he liked.

Therefore he and the other four co-founders of the liquor brand got together weekly on Mondays for months to test and adjust their product throughout its creation. Rogers shared that the co-founders taste-tested more than 500 variations of what would eventually become their Slow River Blend.

However, Rogers shared that he and his partners in the brand have faced some difficulties in their first year in business. As newcomers to the liquor industry, they weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

“It’s a learning curve. And talk about cutthroat,” Rogers said of the super competitive liquor industry. “Yea, an industry where people take it really personal and they’ll come and tell you your product sucks. Or they fall in love with it, you know? There’s no in between.”

Randy Rogers talks more about getting into the bourbon business and shares plenty more about his music career during this week’s new episode of the podcast. Make sure to check out his full conversation with host Jay Cutler below, or tune in and listen to Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.