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Uncut with Jay Cutler: ‘Father of Biohacking’ Dave Asprey Talks Defying Age, Intermittent Fasting, and His Goal of Living to 180 Years Old

by Chris Haney
(via Uncut with Jay Cutler)

We’re back with another brand new episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler this week with special guest and “Father of Biohacking” Dave Asprey. The 49-year-old is an American entrepreneur and author who founded Bulletproof 360, Inc. and Bulletproof Nutrition Inc. Additionally, Asprey owns Bulletproof Coffee and hosts his own podcast, Bulletproof Radio. He has a hand in many ventures, but the lifestyle guru’s goal is usually the same within each entity: enhancing and changing people’s lives through healthier living.

Asprey has written six books with five of them focused on improving the well-being of those who read them. Whether through healthy living, dieting, or other methods of betterment, Asprey has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping others through his teachings and products.

During the podcast, Asprey spoke at length about his career and explains how he transitioned from a career in computer programming to biohacking. He speaks about biohacking coming into the mainstream and how pro athletes are using it to play sports well into their 40s these days. As the show continues, he discusses the benefits of intermittent fasting. Asprey also shares the wild story of fasting in a cave for four days and how he realized the impact it has on one’s energy levels.

Further, the host and his guest speak about Asprey’s desire to live to at least 180 years old. Jay Cutler is skeptical, but his guest opens up about it being a possibility. The pair go over that and much more on the newest episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler.

Dave Asprey Talks Turning Back the Clock Through Biohacking on ‘Uncut with Jay Cutler’

With the nickname the “Father of Biohacking,” you knew the guys would get into the meat of Dave Asprey’s career pretty quickly. Early on in the podcast, host Jay Cutler got into if turning back your biological clock is a real possibility.

“Can you turn back that clock?” the host of Uncut with Jay Cutler asked his guest.

“Absolutely. People are doing it all the time,” Asprey answered. “I run a nonprofit in Silicon Valley. That’s where I learned all this biohacking stuff, from people three times my age with more energy than I had. So yea, we’ve been doing it for, geez, about 30 years now. But no one would really talk about it except for the extreme like kind of crazy people.”

Asprey went on to explain the evolution of biohacking over time and why it’s more mainstream now. For years, no one listened to him or other likeminded individuals. However, in the 2000s, several extremely wealthy donors started funding anti-aging research and things took off from there. In fact, pro athletes are even extending their playing careers into their 40s these days with the help of biohacking.

“About 10 or 15 years ago, a bunch of billionaires were like, ‘I’ve got billions of dollars so I’m going to buy time.’ So they started funding anti-aging research. And now, man, there’s a lot you can do to get younger,” he continued. “This is why you’re seeing professional athletes who are playing into their 40s. That’s unheard of. The Bryan brothers have been on my show, Nick Foles. I mean these are guys who are not getting injured… This is the result from anti-aging.”

The Lifestyle Guru Shares a Wild Story About Intermittent Fasting in a Cave for Four Days

As their conversation continued, the topic turned to intermittent fasting, which became an important aspect of Dave Asprey’s life. Most people that utilize intermittent fasting as an eating plan do it within reason. They plan their eating schedules around a specific cycle over a given period, but they don’t go days without eating. Asprey pushed the limits with fasting, but claims it helped him realize how eating works within our bodies.

“That was my first big book, in 2011 I think, saying you’ve got to intermittent fast. But you can do it with coffee, that’s fine,” Asprey said on Uncut with Jay Cutler. “And my most recent book, Fast This Way, man, I fasted in a cave for four [days]. Because I knew that if I didn’t eat eight times a day, my body would go into starvation mode. And then I’d get fat, and I was afraid of getting fat again. I was actually afraid of being lonely, I’d always eat when I was lonely.”

You heard that correctly. To test himself and to take away all temptations to eat, Asprey spent multiple days alone and without any food in a cave. Extreme? Yes. Did it work the way he planned it out? Also, yes.

“So I had a shaman drop me in a cave for four days. I can get hangry at the walls. You know, there’s no one to yell at and there’s no food to eat. So I knew I would fast for four days. And at the end of it, I had so much energy I ended up walking for 10 miles in the desert. Just cause I felt good, and to try to find the truck that was supposed to pick me up,” Asprey said with a laugh. “And I got lost and climbed the wrong mountain, but I just didn’t care. It just showed me if I can feel like that after four days with no food, what I believed was that I’d be dead or disabled. I realized the truth is you can go a month without food and you’re not going to die.”

Dave Asprey Explains His Goal of Living Until He’s 180 Years Old

Again, these aren’t misprints. Although under normal circumstances with most people you’d assume they were for sure. But this is Dave Asprey who we’re talking about, and he’s dead set on living until he’s 180 years old.

“You said it earlier, and I’ve heard you say it a couple times, more than a couple times. But your goal is to live until 180 years old,” host Jay Cutler said.

“Yep. You think I’m nuts?” Asprey chimed in sensing Cutler’s skepticism. “You’re kinda rolling your eyes at me, and that’s alright.”

“No, I’m not rolling my eyes,” Cutler answered. “I mean it’s a large number if we’re being honest. If you said 120, 130, I’d be like you know what, he can probably do it. I mean 180, that’s three lives for people.”

“So 120 is our current best,” Asprey explained of the oldest living human. “The current person today that is 120, they were alive in 1902. We didn’t have antibiotics, we couldn’t spell DNA because we didn’t know what it was. We fought World War I when they were a teenager with horses and biplanes. That’s in one human lifetime.”

“If they can do 120, why would I set my goal to be yesterday’s best?” he added. “Do you want to break a record or do you want to do as good as someone who started a long time ago with no [technology]?”

“You’re 100% right. It’s making more sense,” Cutler admitted.

“It’s 50% better. I’ve got 100 years to do 50% better than the current best,” Asprey said. “That doesn’t seem that crazy, does it?”

Dave Asprey talks about that and much more during this week’s new episode of the podcast. Make sure to check out his full conversation with host Jay Cutler in the video above, or tune in and listen to Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.