Uncut with Jay Cutler: Greg Olsen Opens Up About Life After Football, Possibly Taking Over For Troy Aikman at FOX

by Chris Haney
(via Uncut with Jay Cutler)

This week on Uncut with Jay Cutler, the retired NFL quarterback welcomes his former Chicago Bears teammate Greg Olsen to the show. Cutler and Olsen played in Chicago together during the 2009 and 2010 seasons before the Bears traded the tight end to the Carolina Panthers. Olsen officially retired as well in March 2021 and immediately joined FOX Sports as a broadcaster.

Host Jay Cutler and his guest dive into Olsen’s transition from the gridiron to the broadcast booth. The Pro Bowl tight end also opens up about the vacancy at FOX after the network’s No. 1 announcing duo, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, left to call Monday Night Football at ESPN.

The two former teammates and friends also discussed their families and spoke about their children getting into sports. Both Cutler and Olsen’s daughters are arguably the most gifted athletes in their families, but they’re not fully invested in sports quite yet. However, both of the former NFL pros have sons who want to play tackle football, but their parents are being cautious about that. The pair discuss deciding when is the right time, if any, for kids to play tackle football while also talking about the state of youth sports in general.

In addition to their sports talks, Olsen shares details about his newest venture. The tight end and his former Panthers teammate Ryan Kalil launched a new podcast studio with Hollywood actor Vince Vaughn called Audiorama. Jay Cutler discusses that and much more with his guest Greg Olsen on this week’s episode.

Jay Cutler Asks Greg Olsen About His Transition From the Gridiron To the Broadcast Booth

Even before Greg Olsen retired, the tight end began working as a part-time NFL analyst during his last year with the Seattle Seahawks. Media companies were already competing to sign Olsen in preparation of his pending retirement. So it wasn’t a shock when it didn’t take long for him to find a home with FOX Sports, and he quickly made the full-time switch this past season as an announcer.

These days, Olsen spends weekends calling games for the NFL, but his work schedule isn’t overly demanding. He typically travels to game locations on Saturday and is home on Sunday after the games in time to tuck his children into bed at night. Past that, he’s also a full-time husband and father who is extremely involved in his kids’ lives. Olsen drops his kids off and picks them up from school, and takes them to and from baseball, soccer, and football practices. He also helps coach some of his kids’ various sports teams.

Olsen’s wife, Kara, thinks he’s even busier now after retiring from the NFL. Yet it’s a different type of busy, and one that the former tight end doesn’t mind.

“The best part about retirement – I don’t know how you feel – the best part of retirement to me is I only have to do the stuff I want to do. There’s no one telling me anymore what day I have to be where, and that’s been the best part,” Greg Olsen said as host Jay Cutler completely agreed. “Now I find myself doing a lot of things and being busy with maybe things I don’t need to do. But they’re things I want to do that I’ve never been able to do before. So at least if I’m busy, I’m doing things that I’m busy under my own decisions, which has been cool.”

Is Greg Olsen Taking Over For Troy Aikman At FOX Sports?

One of the biggest storylines so far in the NFL offseason doesn’t even involve any of the teams or players. In fact, there’s been a huge shake up of NFL announcers moving to different networks this year. Legendary announcer Al Michaels is reportedly joining Amazon to call Thursday Night Football. Plus the No. 1 announcing duo at FOX, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, are on the move to ESPN. That leaves a gaping hole in FOX’s broadcast booths. So Jay Cutler asked his former teammate straight up, “Is FOX making you number one this year?”

Olsen joked with Cutler that he heard that FOX wanted the former quarterback to be their number one. So Cutler joked back that Olsen could keep FOX’s number one broadcasting position and he’d take number two. While nothing is set in stone yet, the 37-year-old has held talks with the network about the possibility of taking over for Aikman.

“We’ve had some light conversations. Nothing definitive, nothing really significant yet” Olsen explained. “I think they’ve got a lot of things they’re sorting out on their end and what not. So obviously if the opportunity presented, we’d all be crazy [not to]. Who would not want to call Super Bowls? That’s the obvious. There’s a lot of things at play. So hopefully things get sorted out here soon and there’s some clarity, and we see where the dust settles.”

Olsen’s only been a broadcaster for one full season, so the fact that FOX is even talking to him about taking Aikman’s old job shows how much talent he has in the booth as well. The network will likely make a decision soon and Olsen clearly wouldn’t say no to the opportunity.

The Guys Talk Youth Sports As Their Sons Follow In Their Footsteps

Even though both Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen had long football careers that date back to their grade school days, as parents they’re both being cautious of allowing their own children to play tackle football. There’s been plenty of research in recent decades about how hard hits can impact a child’s developing brain. Both fathers have held their sons out as long as they could from the contact sport. But Olsen’s fifth grader will soon play tackle football for the first time this fall.

“We’ve been pushing that off. He’s ready, he’s in fifth grade, he’ll be 11,” Olsen shared. “He’s wanted to do it for a while now and we’ve just kinda slow-played it with [flag football].”

Jay Cutler was surprised his former teammate was able to keep his son away from tackle football as long as he has. Cutler’s own son wants to play tackle football “so bad” his dad said on the podcast. Yet his parents have held him back since they know the dangers that come along with the sport.

The former NFL pros agreed how important it is that youth players have good coaching at a young age, especially when tackling is involved. Both Jay and Greg have concerns for not only their own children, but other kids tackling without knowing the proper fundamentals of the sport.

“To hand him off at 8 years old or whatever it was [when he started playing flag football], you’ve got to hope to god that you get someone that not only teaches them the right way, but someone that’s not going to get them hurt,” Olsen added.

Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen talk about much more in the full interview, which you can watch above. You can also tune into Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.