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Uncut With Jay Cutler: Josh Harris Talks UFO Encounters While At Sea Filming ‘Deadliest Catch’

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Uncut with Jay Cutler, Outsider

On the latest episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler, Jay reels out some of the strangest things Deadliest Catch captain Josh Harris has ever seen.

Earth’s oceans hold untold mysteries, something the crews of Deadliest Catch know all too well. But as Captain Harris tells Jay on Uncut, “We’ve seen some really weird sh*t out there.” And it’s not all coming from the deep blue sea.

‘Uncut with Jay Cutler’: Josh Harris Has Some Intense UFO Stories

“There was one specific instance where there were like 40 boats out fishing,” Harris begins of his craziest sighting. “Everybody’s on the radio talking about this thing. There was a volcano [erupting], and you could see the lava shooting out. It had been going off for about 40 days. And we’re there fishing for king crab, the whole fleet.”

Amidst this already remarkable day, “This is going to sound real weird,” Harris laughs, “but something was just hanging out and going around the volcano! Everybody’s on the radio talking about it still, taking pictures, the whole nine yards.”

But when the crews got back to town, Harris says they were greeted by “guys running around in weird suits… And nobody had a picture of it by the time it was done,” the Deadliest Catch captain reveals. “And that thing was there for probably eight or nine hours. Just hanging out!”

Josh Harris is a believer, to be sure. He’s seen UFOs with his own eyes and has hundreds of colleagues to corroborate his stories – of which there are several.

Captain Harris: ‘This thing is moving thousands of miles in a second’

“One thing I do still have a video of, though, is… We were driving back from Alaska down to Seattle. It’s like a seven-day trip, so I popped a bunch of Nyquil because I didn’t have to drive for 20 hours – might as well take a nap,” Harris recalls.

After his Nyquil-fueled nap and some chocolate milk (a Josh Harris favorite, he reveals to Uncut with Jay Cutler), “It’s about 3:30 in the morning, and I’m looking at what I thought was the North Star…”

But this was no star. As Harris demonstrates, the bright object began darting at lightning speed across the sky – from one point to the other – in perfectly straight lines. “Then it starts doing circles!” he laughs. “So I call my buddy Kayce, and I’m like ‘Hey, I think the Nyquil is still in my system because I’m watching this – what I think is a star – dance around…”

Harris calls the rest of the crew up and starts filming the anomaly as he does. “This thing is moving thousands of miles in a second. And everyone was seeing it, so it wasn’t just me. Everybody got that one on video, and I still have it! That was a pretty weird one.”

For a whole lot more from the fascinating life and career of Deadliest Catch‘s Josh Harris, check out the full episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler: