Uncut with Jay Cutler: Tony Robbins Talks New Book, How His Public Speaking Career Began, and More

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday, the newest episode of the Uncut with Jay Cutler show came out with a very special guest. Author, life coach, public speaker, philanthropist, and self-help guru Tony Robbins joined host Jay Cutler for a 45-minute conversation that sees the pair discuss a myriad of topics during the interview.

Robbins recently released his newest book Life Force in February. The author focuses on some of the newest breakthroughs in health technology. The book shares how new health technology can “help maximize your energy and strength, prevent disease, and extend your health span.” Robbins shares his own story of healing through stem cell technology after he sustained serious injuries in a bad snowboarding accident.

Host Jay Cutler opens up to his guest about how fasting has helped his diabetes. Tony talks about how important a good night’s sleep can be for one’s health, and explains that people can reduce health risks just through certain behaviors. And that includes risks like heart disease and even cancer.

Tony Robbins also opens up to Jay Cutler about his childhood and how he got his start in public speaking. Interestingly enough, as a young man, Robbins wanted to be a sports writer and broadcaster. He even managed to track down iconic sports broadcaster Howard Cosell and got to interview him. The 62-year-old guest of the show shares those stories and many more on this week’s episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler Dives Into Tony Robbins’ Childhood, Early Career Goals As a Sports Broadcaster

Early on in Jay Cutler’s interview of Tony Robbins, the famous public speaker touched on his early life growing up in Los Angeles, California. As the host referenced in the podcast, Cutler assumed that Robbins didn’t grow up wanting to be a self-help guru. His assumption was correct.

In fact, Robbins was like most other young boys and wanted to be a professional athlete, specifically a baseball player. Yet when Robbins’ junior high school cut him from their baseball team, he knew that career was unlikely. Instead, when Robbins was 13 years old, he decided to become a sports writer. He began working for a daily newspaper around the same time and not long after got into public speaking.

Robbins took speech classes and debate classes, which he excelled at and helped build his confidence as a public speaker. By the time Robbins turned 17 he knew he wanted to help people, and that’s what he’s been doing for 45 years now.

“I was always obsessed with helping people. I was like Mr. Solution,” Tony Robbins shared with host Jay Cutler.

Robbins took a speed reading class and read 700 books during a seven-year span. Within all that reading were numerous books on human development and psychology, which made a huge impact on him as he took in all their information.

“I just absorbed so much, and when people had a problem I loved having the solution,” he added. “It kinda grew out of that. But I started when I was 17, so this is going to be my 45th year of doing this. It’s insane.”

How Robbins’ Seminars Have Adjusted Since the Pandemic Began

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, you’ve likely been living under a rock somewhere the last few decades. The popular public speaker is well-known for traveling around the world and presenting his own brand of self-help guidance to millions. A quick Google search will bring up plenty of clips from Robbins’ seminars over the years that he presents to packed arenas all over the globe.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking one of his events for a concert since they’re often huge productions with thousands in attendance. The New York Times best-selling author is typically on a multi-city tour. But like so many others since early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced Robbins to make some adjustments to his seminars. As he sat in his Palm Beach home and spoke to Jay Cutler, he told the host about building a stadium specifically designed for Zoom-based versions of his events. Robbins used to speak with 15,000 attendees in arenas per event, but now he’s able to reach even more people by Zoom.

“My whole world is Zoom now. It’s crazy,” Robbins explained with a laugh. “My seminars used to be in stadium’s of 15,000 people. Now I’m doing 25,000 people, but all on a Zoom stadium I built. It’s 20-foot high ceilings, and 50-feet wide, and I can see about 3,000 people at a time and swipe and swipe and just see more. So it’s been amazing. I’d normally see a quarter million people in a year you know going to maybe 115 cities and 15 countries. And I saw 2.2 million people last year, and I got to be home [for all of it because of Zoom].”

The Pair Discuss Tony Robbins’ New Book ‘Life Force’

On February 8, 2022, Tony Robbins released his newest book titled Life Force. The book stems from his own personal experience with advanced health technologies that have helped his body heal from serious injuries in recent history.

“In his new book, Tony Robbins brings you the most important resources that can help anyone sustain peak performance, and lead a healthy and more vital life,” the official website for Life Force states.

For the book, Robbins interviewed 150 of the brightest medical minds in the world. But it was a severe snowboarding accident that he thought would end his career that gave him the idea to write it. Instead of choosing to have surgery like four different doctors suggested, Robbins looked into stem cell research. He pointed to his famous friend, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who was supposed to be out three months with an injury. But after receiving stem cell treatment, Ronaldo returned to games after only three weeks.

Robbins goes on to break down stem cell technology and shares how the Pope brought him in to speak about it. He shares how golf legend Jack Nicklaus couldn’t stand for more than four minutes at a time. But after receiving stem cell treatments, he’s back playing golf courses at 82 years old. The self-help guru dives much deeper into the subject and explains it all in his full conversation on the podcast.

Jay Cutler and Tony Robbins cover that and much more in the interview, which you can watch above. You can also tune into Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.