Uncut with Jay Cutler: ‘Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix’ Creator Dana McLendon Opens Up About His Viral Video, Shares His Wife’s Hilarious Reaction

by Chris Haney

We’ve got another fun one for you guys this week on Uncut with Jay Cutler as the creator of the viral “Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix” video, Dana McLendon, joins the show. The hilarious comedic clip of McLendon’s guide to women has been viewed millions of times since he posted it eight years ago. In fact, he also made another amusing guide to men video later on. Now, he’s breaking down his original viral video and sharing the full story behind it on the podcast.

McLendon grew up in Tennessee, went to law school at Vanderbilt University, and is a trials and appeals attorney by trade. However, to anyone online, he’s the Hot-Crazy Matrix guy, which he never expected. What started out organically would quickly go on to garner hundreds of millions – that’s right, hundreds of millions – of views on YouTube alone.

McLendon joins host Jay Cutler to talk about the viral video that has become an internet staple since he posted it in 2014. He explains how he came up with the idea and how it went viral before even his wife knew about it. Unfortunately, not everyone thought the comedic bit was amusing. So McLendon opens up about some of the backlash he received and shared why he thinks some people took the video wrong.

The viral video creator also talks about the counterpart to his comedic guide to women. As mentioned, he also created a guide to men, which also got hundreds of thousands of views. Even though most people know him from his original video, he’s made more comedic content than some might realize. He even did stand-up comedy for a while after his video went blew up online.

Later on in the interview, McLendon demonstrates the “Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix” for everyone at Outsider Studios. Everyone shared a good-natured laugh as he recreated the viral sensation for us in-person. Our host talks to Dana McLendon about all of that and more on the brand new episode of Uncut with Jay Cutler.

Dana McLendon Talks Creating an Internet Staple On ‘Uncut with Jay Cutler’

According to Dana McLendon, the day of his interview at Outsider Studios is possibly the 8-year anniversary of when he uploaded “Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix” to YouTube. So it’s an appropriate day to get the full behind-the-scenes story of the viral sensation.

Host Jay Cutler jumps right into it as the pair start to discuss McLendon’s guide to women. As the lawyer explained, he came up with the idea after a discussion with his client. His client was in trouble with the law and had been numerous times. The frustrated client told McLendon he had bad luck, but his attorney knew better. In each run-in with the law, the client’s story had the same common denominator. He was involved with a woman that he wasn’t compatible with, so McLendon literally drew out the connection for his client.

“I just started sketching it for him in a way that might make sense,” McLendon explained on Uncut with Jay Cutler. “And then it evolved, and then I just started showing people for kicks, you know? Little by little it came together into a full bit.”

Not long after he posted it on a friend’s YouTube channel, the video took off almost overnight. McLendon couldn’t believe how quickly his video started to circulate online. One of the internet’s most popular viral videos was born.

“When I tell you it’s been seen 300… 400… 500 million times, I quit counting when I found myself 300 million times. And that’s not even counting Facebook where you can’t count. That’s not counting private… who knows? It became explosively hyper viral very quickly,” McLendon said.

Dana McLendon’s Wife Reacts to Her Husband’s Viral Video

McLendon went on to share the funny story of his wife first seeing his viral video. The attorney and his other half share two sons together. Both of their boys had already seen their dad’s bit and the video he filmed for it. But somehow his wife hadn’t seen it yet at the time of its release. That led to a hilarious family interaction at home one evening.

“The boys knew it was a thing, and they both know about the video, but it just never came up. I wasn’t hiding it from her,” McLendon said on Uncut with Jay Cutler. “And then my older son Calvin said, ‘Hey, how’s the video doing, Dad?’ And my wife is in the kitchen, and she says, ‘Video? What video?’ So I took my laptop into the kitchen and put it on the counter. About 30 seconds in, she looks at me and goes, ‘You have to take this down.’ She could see the pitchforks and torches coming.”

The lawyer did face some criticism for his video, with some not finding it as amusing as most. But even his wife saw the bright side when she realized she was a “unicorn”, which in this case means someone who is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain.

“And there’s been some of that, initially there was some kickback when it went up. And then, so she watches the whole thing and I can see her. I’m just standing there like this. And she looks at me and says, ‘You are a idiot.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’ Then she goes (*starts clapping), ‘But I’m a unicorn.’ And I was like, ‘Yes, that’s exactly the whole point, right there.’ So she’s been a good sport.”

Host Jay Cutler talks to Dana McLendon about that and much more during this week’s new episode of the podcast. Make sure to check out their full conversation in the video above, or tune in and listen to Uncut with Jay Cutler on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.