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WATCH: Marty Smith Tours Augusta’s Savannah River Brewing Co. During Masters Week

by Jonathan Howard

Outsider’s own Marty Smith was in Augusta taking in all things Masters. However, he had to stop for a tour of the Savannah River Brewing Co. If you’ve been listening to The Marty Smith Podcast for long, you know that Savannah River makes No Jacket Required, a pilsner. It’s so good, Marty has made it the official beer of his show… that is unless something very cool happens in the future.

Not only was this week the week of the Masters at Augusta National, but National Beer Day fell during the week. Needless to say, we know how to celebrate these sorts of things here. Marty went over to see his friends at Savannah River and got a tour unlike any other.

“We are here, at Savannah River Brewing Company,” Smith introduces the video. “Steve Ellison is the owner, and he makes No Jacket Required, cold beer. Which is the official beer of The Marty Smith Podcast until someday Outsider decides to launch beer.” Did your eyes get as wide as Marty’s in the video?

Look, drinks were had, to say the least. But, so was some good conversation, a great look at an operation waiting to grow and reach new audiences, and more. It was a small group, but a fun one as Steve Ellison, founder and president of the brewing company, showed Marty and Wes around.

From where they filter the water, to how they make their Czech-style pilsner that Marty loves so much, and the canning area. While they were going around, Steve admitted he didn’t know that they would be there that day. However, the tour was great. Ellison is passionate about what he’s doing at his company. He knows the process, knows what it takes.

Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship Take in Augusta

Of course, touring the brewery where your favorite beer is made is one thing. However, Marty Smith had some other business in Augusta as well. Like, his ESPN duties. He was talking to all of the golfers, big and small. If you saw his interview with this future Masters competitor, then this gif should be all you need.

Of course, Wes was along for the ride as well and taking in all of the beauty that Augusta has to offer this time of year.

Marty Smith knows how to do Augusta, that’s for sure. He got a great look at not just the course, but the city as a whole. That tour of Savannah River Brewing Company was great. It looks like Marty and Wes had a blast as well. Scottie Scheffler won the Masters and is on his way to maintaining his world No. 1 ranking. What a week.