Outsider Hires Former Dude Perfect Sr. Operations Manager to Lead Community Development and Talent Relations

by Outsider

A note from CEO Deirdre Lester:

Since I joined Outsider in early March, we’ve been hard at work with our passionate team mapping out our future plans for growth.  It is obvious that there are so many directions this brand can go, and that we need to develop a true community of like-minded creators who embody and live what the brand represents, to drive on all key initiatives.

Outsider is a mindset that represents a myriad of passions across entertainment, lifestyle, sports and outdoors.  We are all individuals with shared interests and unique perspectives.  There is a massive, unharnessed group of Outsiders out there who celebrate their passions through content they create and share across platforms. We are here to celebrate, motivate, and build that community of people. Outsiders have embraced the idea that by sharing a glimpse into their experiences- whether those be concerts, sporting events, travel or the great outdoors- others can engage, enjoy, and connect to their creativity.

Today, we welcome Margaret McDonald to the Outsider team as Senior Director, Community Development and Talent Relations. I first met Margaret in 2015 when she had done stints at both Professional Bull Riders and the NFL.  She came into a young and fast growing company at Whistle Sports with an open mind to work with the various content creators we had assembled there to build our diverse sports community.  Her work ethic, determination and get it done attitude was a huge asset from the start.  We tasked her with one of the most important relationships for the business at that time, in managing our strategic partnership with Dude Perfect, the world’s largest independent sports content creator.  It was a tall task and Margaret rose to the occasion and became truly an extension of the Dude Perfect team. Ultimately, she went on to work for them directly as their Sr. Business Operations Manager as they rose to over 50 million YouTube subscribers.  From managing their largest brand partnerships, launching their first twenty-city summer tour, to various charity and publishing initiatives, she had her hands in all of it. 

I trusted her then to handle the biggest YouTube creators of our time, and now, I am thrilled to welcome her to Outsider.  Our community is just getting started, but her authentic ability to represent our brand and to develop a value exchange for our partners is unmatched, given her personal and professional passion for the things that Outsider values.  Our community will be diverse in interests, but with a shared vision of belonging and being Outsiders.  

Welcome Margaret, we can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in an environment that matches your professional energy with your personal passions.