Welcoming Jay Cutler + Other Outsider Updates

by Shannon Terry

Hello Outsiders. 

A little more than a year ago we set out on an adventure to build a community and brand that would create a positive impact in people’s lives.

Today’s official announcement of Jay Cutler is a cornerstone event for Outsider. Jay has been the creative savant to lead the efforts to shape the brand and our mission. And I am damn proud of where it landed. 

As we move forward our expectations for this brand and organization will significantly increase. We have so many pieces in place; but yet, so many additions to come. 

We are telling our story with two of the hardest working and most notable talents in Jay Cutler and Marty Smith. And, there will be many others to join this journey, and most importantly, we want to hear your stories.  

Following are a few of the recent events: 

  • Officially announced co-founding partner Jay Cutler as Chief Design Officer. Jay is a building a portfolio of products that are built from the ground up, with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship.  He will also oversee the direction of the brand and our brand mission. 
  • Launched the Outsider Store to showcase our authentic goods. 
  • Named Caroline Bynum as Executive Editor of original content and social media. Caroline has trained at both On3, Outsider and has assisted me on several D17 projects. She will work alongside News Desk Executive Editor Jameson Brown and perhaps played the most integral role in the conception of Outsider. 
  • The founding partners of Outsider have officially started a nationwide search for our Chief Executive Officer of Outsider. We are looking for a rare unicorn that has the talent, mindset and experience in both media and products to build a billion-dollar brand. 

We have many more exciting events to share in the coming months. Stay tuned and join us on this adventure. 

Shannon Terry
Outsider Co-Founder