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Editorial Policy

by Caroline Bynum

SipOutsider is a platform created to foster a community of sippers through editorial content, social series, and an interactive database. We equip consumers with the knowledge needed to make the best purchase for their personal palate while prioritizing responsible consumption and fostering interpersonal relationships.

Product Reviews

“If you lose your authenticity in pursuit of money, you lose everything.” – Shannon Terry

Authenticity and transparency in our storytelling are everything. We do not do paid promotions of alcohol brands on SipOutsider; brands can not pay to be featured editorially. If a brand chooses to send its product to SipOutsider, while we appreciate the gesture, we make no claim to review the product, positively or negatively, on our website or socials.

Products featured in written reviews are tested by our creators and contributors as an everyday consumer would: sipped with baseline knowledge of the production process, brand, and bottle. These are typically not performed as blind taste tests, as the everyday consumer rarely interacts with a purchase or bottle without any understanding of its contents.

We focus on providing tasting notes and flavors, rather than numerical scores and arbitrary ratings, so readers can make an informed decision on whether or not they’d enjoy the taste. Similarly, the production process and brand history are provided in reviews to give an all-encompassing glance at the product’s story, beyond personal taste preferences.

Photos for these reviews prove the legitimacy of our process: images are original photos from our studios, featuring already-opened bottles, which have been tasted by the team.

Our database (currently in the works) will factor in community and user opinions to deliver a more wider spread opinion of products.

Purchase links provided in reviews may be affiliate deals that provide commission to SipOutsider for purchases made, but content and information within the review will never be tied to promotional activity. Current affiliate partners of SipOutsider: SipTequila.com

News Stories, Sourcing, and Editing

The majority of our stories come from primary sources in the industry, be it distillers, brand owners, importers, and others involved in the spirits business. Our contributors have boots on the ground in the locations we write about, from Jalisco to Scotland to Kentucky, to immerse themselves in a story before telling it.

Our contributors are known authorities in the industry with experience and expertise in the topics they create content around. Read more about SipOutsider’s team here.

If written around previously-reported information or release, the news article will provide citations with linkbacks or embedded content to the original source.

All stories are reviewed for accuracy, copy, proper citation, and appropriate multimedia additions to provide further visual context.

Images: Editorial and Social

Featured images on editorial content on SipOutsider or images shared across the brand’s social media are always one of the following:

  • Original photography from our producer, Brandon Chesbro
  • Original photography from our contributors with contractual consent to use across platforms
  • Getty Images photos from our paid Getty subscription. Photographer/Getty Images credit is sourced in the image’s description or in small text on the image itself.

Audience Safety and Responsibility

We emphasize the importance of educated, responsible alcohol consumption. SipOutsder promotes the connections created while sipping fine spirits, not excessive or unhealthy drinking habits.

For those who need support resources, or would like more information on how to help a loved one struggling, we encourage you to explore the following resources:
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Alcohol.org – An American Addiction Centers resource
Smart Recovery
Alcoholics Anonymous

For immediate help, call Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration‘s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP(4357)

Responsible drinking begins with proper consumer education and that is our primary goal.

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