10-Year-Old BBQ Pit Master Wants to Prove He’s Among the Best of Them

by Amy Myers

Meet 10-year-old BBQ pit master Dylan Gruber, the new competition on the block in Dublin, Georgia. Though he might be young, Gruber has proven himself to be a formidable competitor behind the grill and can handle just about any type of cuisine. On Saturday, he had the chance to show he’s ready to face off against the greatest 26 grill masters in the area.

The Specs

  • “Pig in the Park” is part of the town’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations
  • Gruber competedd against 26 others in three different competitions
  • He was the youngest competitor
  • Gruber helped feed roughly 5,000 hungry locals in attendance of the event

10-Year-Old BBQ Pit Master Has Only Six Months of Experience

Obviously, if you ask Dylan Gruber what the secret is to good BBQ, the 10-year-old pit master won’t say it comes with age. In fact, the young chef really only came to know his passion just six months ago when he first picked up the spatula and slapped on the apron.

Despite his short resume, Gruber is already filling up his trophy case. What has he won so far?

“Second in chicken pot pie, first in chili. And people’s choice,” he told news station 13WMAZ.

And let’s not forget several first-place BBQ wins.

Since October, Gruber and his father have been hard at work in the kitchen perfecting his recipes. His favorite dish to make is a nice rack of ribs, but he also loves to carve up a good chicken or pork butt.

“We made a lot of barbecue sauce and a lot of barbecue over the last year,” he explained.

While Gruber is fairly new to the BBQ game, he’s no stranger to the stove. Apparently, the future Michelin-star chef has been cooking since he was three. His first masterpiece was mac-and-cheese, and we bet it was delicious. Since then, not only has he competed against other chefs, but he’s also even catered a church dinner.

Gruber Faced off Against 26 Other Pit Masters on Saturday

Earlier today, Gruber joined 26 others in the cook-off called “Pigs in the Park” which was a part of Dublin’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. While it’s unclear how he did just yet, we know that there was a huge turnout.

According to Downtown Dublin’s Jordan Crabb, they likely saw upwards of 5,000 locals.

“Every year it just seems to grow and grow and grow. And here we are again at Pig in the Park, and I think I’ve already seen about 3,000 people, which is awesome for this event,” she said.

With Gruber’s track record and can-do attitude, there’s no doubt that his BBQ had people flocking to his tent from all across town.