BBQ Joint Launches Fundraiser to Support Ukraine

by Megan Molseed

A Canadian bar is partnering with The Ukrainian Canadian Volunteers Association of the Okanagan. This partnership has been formed in an effort to help fund aid to the people of Ukraine. Canada’s The Penticton Lakeside Resort’s Barking Parrot is hosting the fundraiser in order to raise funds in order to help facilitate both humanitarian and military aid for the people of Ukraine.

The event, which is scheduled for Friday night will feature a Ukrainian BBQ. This will feature sausages and perogies in addition to other Ukrainian favorite BBQ dishes. All of these Ukrainian foods will be available from 5-7 p.m. Friday, March 11. Additionally, there is no base cost for the event. All funds raised will be by donation.

Skipping the Middle-Man, Ukraine BBQ Fundraiser Gives Money Straight To Those Who Need It

In the decision to partner with the Ukrainian Canadian Volunteers Association of the Okanagan, the Barking Parrot and Penticton Lakeside Resort BBQ Ukrainian fundraiser will bring aid straight to those who need it. This, of course, will make sure the much-needed materials will go straight to the people who remain in Ukraine as Russian troops continue to invade.

“The fundraiser guarantees a direct flow of donation money straight from your pocket to the front lines in Ukraine,” notes Penticton Lakeside Resort general manager Elizabeth Cucnik in a recently released press release.

The press release goes on to note that this BBQ fundraiser will help provide provisions such as bulletproof vests; tactical helmets; medical kits; clothes; batteries; flashlights; baby food; groceries; hospital equipment and supplies for seniors, to the people of Ukraine.

A Globally Important Issue, With Personal Connections

Deep family connections have inspired the Penticton Lakeside Resort to host the fundraising BBQ. Further motivating the resort to provide help to the people of Ukraine.

Several members of the Lakeside establishment’s staff have plenty of ties to the people of the war-torn country. For instance, the popular resort’s policy advisor David Prystay has ties to the area via a family tree connection.

“Join the fight today against tyranny, despotism, totalitarianism and oligarchism,” notes the press release; which invites the public to the Friday evening fundraising event at the Lakeside’s The Barking Parrot.

“Stand up for the rights and freedoms of all human beings,” the message continues.

“Upheld and championed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the statement adds, even making note that opposing the invasion supports basic human rights. “And International Human Rights Law.”

Nevertheless, the Penticton Lakeside Resort and the Barking Parrot have been, and continues to be, extremely vocal on their stance regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, members of the executive teams for the popular Canadian attraction are quick to note that their opposition lies solely on Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Additionally, Cucnik notes in her messages, the resort in no way stands in opposition to the Russian people as a whole.