Beer Lovers Gather to Drink and ‘Save Puppies’: Here’s How

by Amy Myers

Michigan beer lovers are raising a glass for a good cause. Over the weekend, a local brewery held a fundraiser called “Drink Beer, Save Puppies” that attracted both two-legged and four-legged patrons. The result was a fun event and a less crowded shelter.

Located in Bay City, Tri-City Brewing is proud of its roots in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Now, in order to give back to the community the brewery loves so much, they’ve decided to raise money for man’s best drinking buddy.

The “Drink Beer, Save Puppies” fundraiser benefits the Mitten Mutts Dog Rescue, appropriately named after its home state. According to the rescue’s official site, Mitten Mutts works hard to “provide love, care, training, and homes to dogs at risk in high kill and overcrowded shelters.” The 100 percent volunteer-run organization also educates the public on the importance of spaying and neutering pets in an effort to cut down on the number of homeless pets.

Of course, the animal rescue was more than happy to be a part of the beer lovers’ fundraiser. So, with several of their adoptable dogs in tow, the volunteers came ready to share a brew. Organizers even gushed about how the personalities of the dogs shine at fundraisers like Tri City Brewing’s.

“Events like this are awesome because people can learn about the rescue, learn about our mission but also meet the dogs at a time that is more convenient for them,” said Stacey Abbs of Mitten Mutts Dog Rescue.

Beer Lovers Helped Shelter Animals Find Their Forever Homes

This isn’t the first time that Tri-City Brewing has teamed up with Mitten Mutts. As it turns out, this is actually the third fundraiser that the brewery has hosted for the local animal shelter. Given the prosperous partnership that the two important members of the Michigan community, it’s not surprising that this year’s event was once again successful.

It’s unclear how much money Tri-City Brewing raised just yet. However, according to Mitten Mutts, the beer lovers at the event adopted every dog that attended the fundraiser.

Even when the volunteers bring dogs that aren’t yet ready for a forever home, the meet-and-greet still gives people the opportunity to learn more about the organization and the sweet faces waiting there.

“So we don’t do direct adoptions at events like this,” Abbs added. “These guys still need to be spayed and neutered. But they can meet them, see what they’re like.”

Mitten Mutts is still in need of foster parents for their animals. The nonprofit encouraged Michigan residents to learn more about volunteering and fostering opportunities through their website. There are still many animals still available for adoption and in need of a loving home.