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Beloved Wyoming BBQ Food Truck Company Announces Its Closure

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo By Jeremy Drey/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

Tears flowed Saturday when BBQ lovers learned a popular food truck company closed up in one Wyoming city.

K2 Radio said Boomtown BBQ was one of many food trucks to pop up in “The Oil City.” But, on Saturday, the truck’s owners made their sad announcement.

“Well, Barbecue family, we must announce some sad news,” the owners wrote in a social media post. “We have decided to temporarily close Boomtown BBQ.”

Nichole and Dillon Osborne went on to thank their customers in the post. They said they would miss summer festivities around the city, but ultimately the decision came down to family.

“This won’t be the end of us, but it is what’s best for our family at this time,” the Osbornes said. “We will be selling our trailer and contents and moving on to something different in the future.”

The state’s second-largest city already has three brick-and-mortar BBQ restaurants. But there was something special about Osborne’s food truck to area residents.

Social Media Laments Wyoming BBQ Food Truck Loss

Casper BBQ fans openly wept on social media

“Sure did enjoy your good food,” Marion Wood said on the truck’s Facebook post. “Good luck in the future to your family. You and your truck will be missed.”

Anthony Stengel added, “Nooo!! Hopefully, you find a way to bring it back in the future, best wishes for you and your future endeavors!”

Some folks said they’d miss particular items on the Boomtown BBQ menu.

“You guys put in a TON of work, and the food was fantastic,” Joshua Fenton posted. “(I’m) going to miss those texas twinkies and lollipops.”

The Osbornes responded to Fenton with a smile, saying, “the food won’t be going anywhere.”

Oil City News also had a few suggestions for barbecue fans in June. Maybe Smokin’ Hot Butts BBQ, BB’s Q, and Papa’s Pork Chops can fill the void, but it’ll be up to the Casper fans.

It’s Not Cheap To Run a Food Truck

Sure, you do not have to pay for a location, but food trucks come with costs.

The website Upflip recently wrote about the profitability of a food truck. The article said business industry researcher IBISWorld said a truck might pull in 7.7% of a truck’s revenue. Specifically, a truck making $400,000 in sales could net over $30,000 in profit. 

Location, of course, means everything for those profits. Another website, Stacker, listed the best American cities for food trucks in 2019. 

Portland tops the list with Denver and Orlando next. Finally, Philadelphia and Indianapolis round out the list.

If you’re curious about the worst cities, here they are. Boston leads the way, with Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Seattle rounding out the top five.