Black Rifle Coffee Company Focusing on Veterans and First Responders: ‘Underserved Population’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

There aren’t many coffee brands out there taking time to recognize some of the United States’ most selfless individuals. However, for coffee brand Black Rifle Coffee Company, it’s all about our nation’s veterans and first responders. Now, after seeing significant growth last year, the company’s owner is focusing on the “underserved population.” This includes U.S. veterans, as well as members of national law enforcement.

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded by Evan Hafer, a veteran who served in Iraq as a Green Beret and a CIA contractor in Afghanistan. Hafer began roasting coffee in his Salt Lake City Garage upon returning home.

However, in 2014, Black Rifle Coffee Company went live virtually. And now, eight years later, Hafer’s goal is to aid and represent those he feels have been ignored.

Coffee For the Patriotic Masses

“The main concern I have,” he shared with FOX Business, “is with the veterans that have been physically and psychologically injured by the wars. I think that as the wars age, they somewhat become forgotten.”

In order to prevent that, Hafer said, it’s “my responsibility to my subculture in my veteran community to fund a lot of those initiatives to give back.”

In 2021, Hafer reported the company gave coffee, valued at $3 million, “to the front lines.” Beneficiaries included military, police, firefighters, and EMTs. Another $1.2 million went to veteran and first-responder charities.

However, Black Rifle Coffee Company isn’t just about giving back to those who have gone “underserved” in American society. Black Rifle boasts roasts like AK-47 Espresso Blend, “Coffee, or Die,” and the “Thin Blue Line” medium roast. However, Hafer has also endeavored to hire thousands of our nation’s vets. The outlet reports the coffee company’s long-term goal is to hire at least 10,000 U.S. veterans.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Predicts 35% Revenue Increase for 2022

A stark contrast marks the values between Black Rifle Coffee Company and widely recognized brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. Nevertheless, the brand sees continual growth. Currently, its subscription service numbers 287,000 members. That’s not all though. After seeing profits grow 20% between quarters three and four of 2021, the coffee brand predicts massive growth for 2022. Company representatives estimate a 35% revenue increase by the end of the year.

In speaking to the company’s growing profits, Co-Chief Executive Tom Davin said, “The U.S. coffee market is over $45 billion, and we estimate our serviceable addressable market to be $28 billion. This includes 100 million U.S. customers who are aligned with our brand values.”

A 35% revenue increase would be truly remarkable for a coffee company whose target market differs drastically more leftist-aligned companies. Despite the massive competition though, Davin insisted Black Rifle Coffee Company remains undaunted.

What further differentiates Black Rifle from its competitors is its commitment to those truly on the front lines. Funding for and employment of U.S. veterans and first responders signifies just one of numerous brand endeavors. Hafer shared with the news outlet that they currently have journalists on the ground in Ukraine. The Hill reports those special operations veterans continue to cover the tragedy in real-time.

Hafer shared that Black Rifle Coffee Company is the only coffee brand in the U.S. that has three journalists covering the situation for the company’s journal, “Coffee or Die.”