Busch Light Partners With John Deere on Limited-Edition Cans Honoring Farmers

by Jonathan Howard

This might be the best collaboration I’ve seen in a long time. Busch Light and John Deere are teaming up to help farmers in need. These are two brands that rely heavily on rural agriculture and farmers to even exist. No farmers, no tractors, no Deere. If there’s no farmers, no corn, no wheat, no barley…no beer. The new duo is releasing limited-edition cans that will go to a good cause. So, raise a drink to farmers.

If you don’t believe me just check out the Instagram post below and see for yourself.

“Yup they’re real,” the caption reads, “check out our Busch Light x John Deere cans! These limited-edition cans will be here for a good time (not a long time). For each case sold, together we’ll each donate $1 to [Farm Rescue Org] so let’s make sure to stock up.”

The initiative is being called “For the Farmers” and has already gone viral online. I’m gonna have to go check out what my local Kroger has going on and see if I can find these cans there.

My family was never into John Deere, when it came to the green and yellow equipment, it was usually an Oliver tractor. With that said…now Busch Light, that’s pert-near a family tradition. And if that tradition can go to help other folks out there working day in and day out, then I call that a win-win!

This isn’t the first time that Busch Light has come out with a limited-edition can, but the John Deere addition is a nice touch. Earlier this year, Busch Light had a special ice fishing can for fans to enjoy.

Busch Light and John Deere Join Forces

This is one of the first big PR campaigns that John Deere has had since announcing their self-driving tractors were coming off the assembly line starting this year. Before that, the company was embattled in a union strike and contract negotiation that saw 10,000 workers take up the picket line for better wages, treatment, and benefits. With the planting season right around the corner, now is the best time for this Busch Light and John Deere collab.

So, what’s the word here Outsiders? Is this awesome enough to make you want to go out and buy a pack? Or, is this just an interesting and pleasing thing to see, and nothing more? Busch and Deere are going to be hoping that this moves cans, and so will those farmers that will be receiving that money.

Look, if you’re a Busch Light drinker, you’re probably excited to see a new can design. If you usually go with another light beer for your drinking needs, well, maybe give this one a chance. At least you’ll be helping some farmers out there.