Busch Urges People to Pee in Beer Cans, Not on Trees in New Ad Campaign

by Megan Molseed
Getty Images

One beer company is calling for outdoor lovers to pee in a “Busch” with a brand new environmentally friendly ad campaign. Yes, that’s right, Busch beer is encouraging their customers to skip the urge to relieve themselves on a tree – or in an actual bush – and to instead relieve themselves in their Busch beer cans. Disposing of the waste responsibly by flushing it down the toilet.

This unusual pee-plea came on April 1, so it’s likely some customers saw the strange request as a possible April Fools joke. However, it is far from a joke. In fact, the beer company has released kits to help make the task a little easier for those hoping to follow Busch’s directions. The kits even have a name: “urination kits.”

Nature lovers will be big fans of this next part too, this effort is a partnership with the One Tree Planted organization. And, 100% of the proceeds from these kits will be donated to the charity.

Busch Light Has Urges People To Save The Trees By Repurposing Their Beer Cans In An Unusual Way

The campaign was first introduced to the public in an April 1 Twitter post. It’s an unusual campaign, that’s for sure…and the fact this pee-plea came on April Fools Day could certainly be suspect. However, this campaign is as real as they come. The campaign is even a proactive nod to April’s upcoming Earth Day on the 22nd.

“Did ya know urine can make trees more susceptible to disease, pests & nutrient loss?” asks the April Fools day tweet on Busch Beer’s Busch Latte Twitter account.

That’s why this #EarthMonth we’ve partnered with @onetreeplanted to keep the great outdoors great,” the Busch Latte Twitter post continues.

To help their customers do this, Busch Light beer has released the limited edition “urination kits” which include a branded Busch Light funnel to help make sure all liquid makes it into the can; avoiding the trees. The kits also include a cap…sealing the contents into the can until the customer can dispose of the waste. Just, stay aware, my friends! These are cans we certainly do not want to mix up!

“It’s simple: SIP IT. DRIP IT. CAP IT.,” the Friday, April 1 post says. “Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch.”

Busch Has A Serious Message With the ‘Save a Tree, Pee in a Busch’ Campaign

In this latest campaign, Busch Light conveys an important message to their customers regarding the damage caused by leaving their “mark” on trees. Not only is relieving oneself on a tree unhygienic, but it also has a lasting impact on nature. The chemicals in the urine can increase the likelihood of disease, nutrient loss, and pest infestations. All of these elements can impact the growth of a tree.

“We are excited to partner with Busch Light on this initiative that will not only protect the great outdoors from waste, but will also restore vulnerable National Forests across the US,” notes a spokesperson for One Tree Planted.

“Through these urination kits, not only will negative impacts be removed from forests, but the trees donated will have positive impacts such as conserving wildlife,” the statement adds. “Combating climate change and restoring areas impacted by wildfires.”