Cascade Hollow Distilling Launches Cascade Moon 15-Year Barrel Proof Spirit (Not ‘Whiskey’)

by Jim Casey

With the outpouring of new signatures from established distilleries—and the opening of new distilleries throughout the country—it’s a great time to be a bourbon lover or whiskey lover (or “whisky” lover, if you’re partial to the Scottish spelling). And, for years, my go-to Tennessee Whiskey has come from Cascade Hollow Distilling Company’s George Dickel Whisky. I keep a bottle of George Dickel Hand Selected Barrel 9-Year Tennessee Whisky on my home bar at all times. Right now, times are good, and I have three. Between the new George Dickel signatures and the recent Cascade Moon series, Cascade Hollow Distilling Company is Tullahoma, Tenn., is crushing it, thanks, in large part, to GM/distiller Nicole Austin.

Nicole’s recent Cascade Moon series, which launched in 2020, has furthered the excitement around the small-batch conversation. If you can afford a sip of Cascade Moon’s 13 Year Old Rye (MSRP: $299), you should indulge. It just won Double Gold at the recent San Fransisco World Spirits Competition in May. On the heels of that win, the brand’s newest release is Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof. It will launch in select U.S. markets this month. However, technically, it’s not a “whiskey.”

Cascade Moon Proof Power

While “Barrel Proof” is synonymous with higher-proofed whiskey, Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof clocks in at 79.8 proof, which is below the minimum standard (80) needed to be classified as whiskey. Instead, it is labeled as a “spirit distilled by grain.”

“With each Cascade Moon release, I’ve had the chance to share a variety of different offerings based on my inspirations at the time,” said Nicole Austin in a release. “One thing that drew me toward releasing something like Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof is how it perfectly demonstrates the balance of approachability and quality possible with a lower proof spirit. I hope this release helps change the way the category perceives lower proof spirits, while also providing whisky fans with access to an elegant spirit.”

15 Year Barrel Proof: At a Glance

Here’s what Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. has to say about its new 15 Year Old Barrel Proof.

  • Nose: Aromatic notes of light, tropical fruit with hints of sweet vanilla frosting and caramel
  • Palate: While light and sophisticated, the cask still provides a distinct whisky taste
  • Finish: Leather and oak
  • Availability: Tennessee, Texas and California
  • Size: 750 mL
  • MSRP: $124.99