Dolly Parton Hints at Her Own Line of Frozen Foods

by Matthew Memrick

Dolly Parton’s next business venture could be her own line of frozen food. Move over, Michelina and Swanson’s.

Parton told WJCL that she might turn her sights toward frozen food. She’s already ventured into ice cream and baking mixes with decent success. 

We don’t know much other than that, but hopefully, we will soon see the quality frozen food products the country music icon will get behind.  

Dolly Parton And Frozen Food A Logical Step

Dolly Parton frozen foods seem like an easy transition for the 76-year-old country music legend.

“I’m going to even be doing more foods — frozen foods and packaging and all sorts of things like that,” Dolly Parton told the news station.

Specifically, Parton said she doesn’t just put her name on any product. She “doesn’t sign deals” in which she doesn’t “believe in the product.”

“I’ve been using that cake mix for years, the Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting,” Parton said.

The country star is reportedly worth $600 to $650 million and could reach Oprah Winfrey among women billionaires someday. According to Forbes magazine, there are 86 women among 724 billionaires in America. Maybe Dolly Parton’s upcoming frozen food line will push her into that status.

Dolly Parton Smart With Her Music Ventures

Dolly Parton owns her own music label, Dolly Records. She’s had 25 of her songs reach number one on the Billboard country music charts.

The star’s also got her production company, Dixie Pixie Productions. The company produces movies-of-week and other works in development with NBC Television and Magnolia Hill Productions. 

After music, she’s co-owns The Dollywood Company, which manages entertainment and theme park venues like the infamous Dollywood and Splash Country water park.

Parton The Entrepreneur’s Done Well For Herself

Forbes magazine said Parton signed a deal with IMG in 2019 to expand her brand into consumer products. Outside of entertainment, she’s done reasonably well for herself.

That deal included fashion, jewelry, and homeware items for an upcoming collection. Slowly, Dolly Parton products have hit the market.

In July, she launched her first-ever perfume called “Scent from Above,” that’s complete with a dazzled bottle.  

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams announced her special Strawberry Pretzel Pie earlier this year. It comes with layers of salty pretzel streusel, cream cheese ice cream, and strawberry sauce. 

When it first came out, it was an instant success. The sales of the pie went toward Parton’s Imagination Library. That venture sent more than 173 million free books to kids ages five and under in five countries. Maybe the ice cream helped Dolly Parton think frozen food would be a worthy investment one day.

The Strawberry Pretzel Pie sold out when initially launched in April 2021. Fans can buy up to two pints on the Jeni’s website (, and they’ll get shipped out in April.

Don’t forget Parton stepped up when her country needed her before the pandemic. She donated $1 million toward researching vaccines against COVID-19. Her money helped fund the critical early stages of the Moderna vaccine. She got her vaccine in March 2021 and encouraged everyone to get theirs.