Duke’s Southern Sauces Launches New BBQ Flavor

by Amy Myers

No one takes mayonnaise quite as seriously as Duke’s, but now the brand has dipped into the southern BBQ sauce business, and the results are delicious.

Recently, Duke’s decided to take their condiments to the next level with their Southern Sauces, paying homage to the hometown cooking styles of southern states like the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. And it seems they’re only just getting started.

At a Glance

  • Duke’s is most known for its bold mayo, but has now branched out into BBQ sauces
  • Duke’s debuted six savory sauces in 2020
  • Company has added “Carolina Vinegar BBQ” sauce to Southern Sauces lineup

Carolina Vinegar – the Newest Addition to Duke’s Southern BBQ Sauces

Back in 2020, Duke’s gave us our first taste of their new product lineup with six BBQ sauce flavors: Hickory Moonshine, Carolina Gold, Georgia Sweet Heat, Alabama White, Tennessee Smoke & Whiskey, & Mississippi Comeback. Now, the company has added a seventh heavenly bottle to the mix — Carolina Vinegar BBQ.

The new addition definitely hits the spot for BBQ fans. Caroline-style vinegar sauce is one of the most popular in backyard BBQs. Those acidic flavors not only help make the meat more tender but also add the ideal balance between the sweet and savory that dominates the palate.

Here’s what Maria McAllister, Duke’s Marketing Operations Wrangler, had to say about their brand new sauce.

“Each Duke’s Southern Sauce is distinct to the region that created it,” McAllister said in a press release. “We love bringing unique regional sauces that are revered throughout the South to our fans and customers. Carolina Vinegar is an authentic Piedmont-style BBQ sauce that is tangy, sweet, and spicy.”

Likewise, Rebecca Lupesco, Duke’s Brand Manager of Mayohem, wanted fans to know that their brand puts the same kind of thought into their southern BBQ sauces as they do their popular mayonnaise.

“We want it to be clear to the consumer that these sauces are cut from the same cloth as the beloved mayonnaise,” Lupesco said. “The new packaging both brings the sauces into the Duke’s family of condiments and makes the product pop on shelf. And when shoppers see the yellow cap, they know they’re getting the best.”

When to Break Out Your Bottle of Duke’s

Really, there’s no bad time to add a bit of BBQ flavor to your meal. From scrambled eggs and hash to chicken and potatoes, spreading on some BBQ sauce is like adding a hint of summer. But, just in case you need some kitchen inspiration, here are a few ideas for how to use your first dash of Duke’s southern BBQ sauces.

Add a southern kick to some pork tacos. Put the Tex back in Texmex.

BBQ burgers, anyone? Switch out the ketchup for the BBQ sauce and add some slaw while you’re at it!

Everything tastes good on pizza… including BBQ sauce. We’ll look the other way if you decide to add pineapple.