Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Sold at Wegmans and Other Stores Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Lauren A. Little/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

Over 30 fresh fruit and vegetable products originating from a Depew, New York distributor are part of a major product recall. The items named in the recall are part of the product line at Wegmans retailers and other distributors in the surrounding New York area. This recall announcement comes after listeria bacteria concerns were found in fresh fruit and vegetable products at a Depew, New York plant. The FDA notes that the products named in the recall held a “possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes”. These items include pre-packaged fresh-cut fruit and vegetables as well as ready-to-eat dips, says the FDA.

The recall notice tells customers and retailers that the fresh fruit and vegetable products are in reaction to the discovery of dangerous bacteria during an environmental program test. These findings note that “the environmental program found surfaces where products are packaged into containers to contain Listeria monocytogenes.”

Products Named In the Wegman’s Recall Includes Pre-Packaged Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetable Items

Each of these contains fresh-cut fruits and vegetable items. It’s not only the fruits and vegetables themselves, notes the report. The recalled items also include a variety of dips packaged for the fruits and vegetables in question.

The fresh fruits and vegetables named in the Wegmans recall come in clear plastic containers. These items feature “Best if Used By” dates from March 5 through March 23, 2022.

Additionally, the ready-to-eat dips come in clear 7-ounce plastic clamshell containers. These dips include a “best if used by” date between March 15 and March 31, 2022, the notice explains.

A Variety of Brand Names, Including Wegmans Sell The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Items Included Recall

A variety of brands distribute the fruit and vegetable items that are in the recall. Some of these include Wegmans, Fresh Harvest, Lexington Co-op, and Tops. Each of the items included on the Listeria recall list has a distribution area around the state of New York, as well as the surrounding areas, the recall notice notes.

Listeria Dangers Identified In Time To Remove Affected Items From Store Shelves

Listeria infection is a foodborne bacterial illness and it can be very serious; especially for those with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women. The Listeria bacteria can survive both refrigeration conditions as well as freezing temperatures. Officials identified the bacteria in time, officials behind the recall note. This allowed retailers who received the recalled products plenty of time to remove the items in question from store shelves.