‘Green Beer Sunday’ Returns to Central New York After Two Years

by Madison Miller

Central New York is celebrating just like old times.

After the COVID-19 pandemic shut down restaurants, bars, and other events with lots of people present, everyone was forced to find new ways to safely stay entertained.

This included shutting down the annual Green Beer parade in central New York. The last time the city had this parade was back in 2020 right before Andrew Cuomo had to shut down bars due to the pandemic.


Well, this year the parade was back on. Not to mention, it was a gorgeous 70-degree and clear day on Sunday. It was the perfect day for tens of thousands of people to gather on Tipp Hill. From this vantage point, you can see all the Irish dancers perform their choreographed sets and the pipers enthusiastically play their instruments. Everyone proceeded to march two-and-a-half blocks right in front of a tank trunk.

This was holding the very first batch of the nectar of New York — Green Beer for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day season.

Sadly, there was one thing that was different about Green Beer Sunday this year. Peter Coleman was not around to draw that beautiful first pint of bright green Coors Light. He passed away in August after contracting an illness. He was 84 when he died in August of 2021. This past few years, New York has had to allow wiggle room for some traditions. For example, the parade was held inside last year in order to keep people safe.

According to Syracuse, Coleman was still there in memory.

The Outstanding Legacy of Green Beer Sunday

There was a tribute to the Green Beer Sunday creator. It is a statue of Coleman sitting on a park bench, which is right in front of Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub. It’s like he was sitting and watching the happy festivities take place. It included a lot of people dressed in green and some gorgeous bagpipe tunes overshadowing the noisy traffic of New York City.

“This was his time of year, so we will put on a smiling face and make him proud,” said his daughter Bridget Coleman-Bullock, according to the news outlet.

This is the 59th year Green Beer Sunday happened in the city. CNY Central also reported that there is a gold coin that has been made with Coleman’s face on it in order to celebrate his legacy. “It’s great to see all of the people out to celebrate a man who did great for the community. My great aunt and uncle lived down the street for a number of years, I’ve lived here for over a decade, and it’s just amazing to see what the people of Coleman’s did for this community,” Anthony Allen, a Tip Hill neighbor, said to the news outlet.

Several other cities have similar traditions for St. Patrick’s Day as well. For example, Chicago has one of the most unique traditions. The Chicago River is miraculously dyed green during the downtown parade.