Guinness Is Giving Out $1 Million in Prizes To Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

by Jonathan Howard

It feels like there’s a different air out there. Guinness feels it and wants to help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day the right way. Let’s be honest, it’s been a while folks since we could celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in all its glory. The closures happened right before the holiday in 2020 and since then it has been a long road back.

Raise a Pint to This

  • Guinness is giving $1 million away for St. Patrick’s Day
  • There will be 20 winners of $50,000 to help them celebrate properly
  • Guinness is calling it the “Great Reunion Toast”
  • The company has already released an ad for St. Patrick’s Day

Now, this is a contest. So, there’s a bit of work involved. It isn’t just signing up and all that. Guinness wants to send this money to folks that are worthy of it. How would you spend $50k on the greenest of holidays if you had it? Would you buy a round or two for your favorite bar? Tip that wait staff that has struggled over the last two years with a few hundred or even thousand dollars?

If you think that you embody the spirit of Guinness and St Patrick’s Day, then film a quick 30 second or less video explaining why. Of course, you must be legal drinking age. There’s a lot that has gone on in the last couple of years and perhaps with Spring around the corner there is a bigger sense of rebirth.

Those that are chosen as winners will get to decide whatever they want to do with the money. So, there is no obligation one way or another, but you should at least pay for your friends’ drinks, right? For Guinness and beer in general, this is the Super Bowl of holidays. Outside of Oktoberfest, that is.

Bars and restaurants can be the cornerstones of communities. In the last two years, there have been some favorite places closed and others struggling. Hopefully, this is a holiday that everyone can celebrate this year.

Guinness St. Patrick’s Day Blowout Won’t Happen in Russia

In case you were wondering where Guinness stands on the Russia-Ukraine conflict leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, don’t worry. The company along with Jameson has halted sales in Russia. So, it seems that this will be another company that pulls their products from the country amid the invasion.

There has been a long list of companies now that have pulled their products or suspended sales to Russia. For Jameson, this comes after realizing a big market gain in Russia for the second half of 2021. Something that led to large earnings. However, “until further notice” those sales will cease. So, feel confident with your dark beer and Irish whiskey purchases.