Jack Daniel’s Suspends Business in Russia Amid Ukraine Invasion

by Samantha Whidden

Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniels has reportedly announced it will be suspending operations in Russia following the country’s recent invasion of Ukraine. 

According to WKRN-TV, Jack Daniels says it is suspending its operations in Russia to allow the company to assess the current environment. The whiskey brand further explains that it will also be suspending all sales marketing actives in Russia. It is pausing hiring for its new distribution company, which is to launch in July. 

Jack Daniels’ parenting company, Brown-Forman, also issued a statement about paying commercial operations in Russia over the Ukraine conflict. “We watch in horror as millions of Ukrainians continue to face the somber realities of war. Our thoughts are with them and all those who are full of fear and uncertainty, displaced, and designing refugee; suffering, and seeking peace; or mourning and missing loved ones.” 

The parent company of Jack Daniels further explained that it is in close communication with Ukrainian colleagues. It is also offering help., “In addition, we are making donations to UNICEF, UNHCR, and International Medical Corps.; organizations aiding Ukrainian children, and all refugees; and offering medical assistance. 

Jack Daniels is notably one of the major companies to suspend some or all of their operations in Russia due to the invasion. Other companies suspending services are Mcdonald’s, Netflix, General Electric (GE), Visa, and even Amazon. 

U.S President Biden Calls to Revoke Normal Trade Relations With Russia Amid Ukraine Invasion 

Meanwhile, President Biden announced on Friday that he is calling for revoking normal trade relations with Russia amid the conflict with Ukraine. NBC News reports that the move was supported by both parties in Congress. The U.S. joins members of the Group of 7 nations and the European Union. 

Russia’s military forces are currently inching their way to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. There have been multiple airstrikes in the cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk. Meanwhile, Ukraine is continuing to evacuate civilians from besieged cities. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy states that as many as 100,000 people have left the cities over the past two days. 

However, Mayor Jacek Majchrowski of Poland’s Krakow reveals that the city is already at the limit of the number of Ukrainian refugees it may accommodate. He asks for his nation to help move the refugees to less populous areas. “We are primarily responsible for our inhabitants. We cannot destabilize the city’s functioning. And we are already at the limit of our efficiency.”

Majchrowski further explains that other big cities in Poland are in the same situation. Warsaw, the country’s largest city, is pleading for international help. Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski shares, “We need relocation in Europe. We need relocation in the world. And that’s why I welcome the openness of the United States and Canada and other countries, in welcoming migrants, refugees. Because we need that.”