Jameson, Guinness Suspend Sales in Russia Amid Ukraine Invasion

by Madison Miller

Both Jameson and Guinness are joining the ever-growing list of companies pausing sales in Russia in order to support and stand behind the people of Ukraine. This has especially been the case for many different brewers and beverage companies.

Since Russia decided to launch a full-scale military invasion in Ukraine starting on February 24, different companies and people have reacted in different ways. One of the most common occurrences has been a ban on selling products in Russia.

Jameson, a popular Irish whiskey brand made by Irish Distillers, has decided to go down this path. According to The Times, the company is “shocked and saddened” by what is going on between Russia and Ukraine. They have decided to halt sales “until further notice.”

This is a big move for Jameson. Last month, the company shared that the success it’s seen in Russia actually helped drive the company’s earnings during the second portion of 2021.

The company behind Guinness, Diageo, has similar thoughts on the situation. By stopping sales in Russia, Diageo hopes to keep its own employees safe. “Our priority is the safety of our people in Ukraine and the wider region,” a spokesperson said, according to Reuters.

Other Brands and Companies Instituting Similar Bans

Jameson and Guinness are far from alone in the decision to halt sales in Russia. According to CNET, one of the biggest so far has been from Apple and Microsoft. Both announced this week that they would stop selling products in Russia, which is going to make getting phones and other products a lot harder for people in the country. Apple is also limiting Apple Pay and disabling some Apple Map features in Ukraine. The goal is it will hopefully help protect more civilians. Similarly, in addition to halting products, Microsoft also is increasing cybersecurity efforts in Ukraine.

A popular game maker EA is pausing the release of video games and other digital products. Similarly, Airbnb, which is one of the most popular vacation rental services, will no longer be functioning in Russia for the time being. The company said its nonprofit joint company will be giving out free housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees seeking a place to stay. All host and guest fees are also being waived in Ukraine.

One of the biggest issues right now is also misinformation coming from Russia and ending up on social media. Google and Twitter have decided to suspend all advertising in Russia for the time being. The goal is also to lessen the online presence of popular Russian state-owned media outlets. This especially includes RT News and Sputnik News.