Jay Cutler Sips Gratis American Ale with Big Foot Ron: WATCH

by Dustin Schutte

Big Foot Ron is getting quite comfortable in front of the camera these days. On a cold October day, the sasquatch stumbled across Jay Cutler and Jason Sheer — though there might be a reason for that.

From what we understand, Ron has a great sense of smell. He likely caught a whiff of the Gratis beer Jay had iced down in the cooler. Just a few minutes into this week’s video, Big Foot got to enjoy the American Ale.

While a sasquatch sighting is always noteworthy, it was only part of Jay and Jason’s conversation this week.

First, Jason lamented about having to stay in Nashville while all of his friends journeyed to the beach for fall break. Next, Jay talks about the … mess … his dogs made inside the house at 3 a.m. When Ron joined the party, the three started talking about the beauty of Gratis — and Big Foot’s incredibly hairy existence.

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Jay and Jason Sample Other Beers Before Enjoying Gratis

Before digging into the cooler for some ice-cold Gratis American Ale, Jay and Jason sampled two other beers.

First, the guys sample Oktoberfest from Brooklyn Brewery (New York), which received pretty strong reviews. Jason enjoyed the taste of fall he got after taking a swig — even if he was unable to describe what that meant.

“You know … um … it’s so difficult,” Jason says. “People that are really into beer probably watch this and think, ‘These guys are idiots. They have no idea how to describe what they’re tasting.'”

Next, Jay passes out a beer from Blackberry Farm (Walland, TN), Golden Ale. While Ron hates the flavor (he only enjoys Gratis), Jay and Jason both enjoyed this particular brew.

“That’s pretty good,” Jay says. “I did like it.”

While Ron had a bit of a tantrum when tasting other beers, everything settled down when Jay broke out the Gratis.