Local Brewers Face an Aluminum Can Price Hike

by Chase Thomas

While a lot of folks all across the country are not the least bit thrilled about the price of gas of late, local brewers are also going through it right now. Indeed, there has not just been a price hike at the pump. Yes, local brewers currently face an aluminum can price hike right now as well. One local brewery COO and CFO Trent Fargher said, “Nothing we can do about it, we can complain, moan and groan about it.” He’s frustrated about the situation for his local brewery, Shades Brewing, out in beautiful Salt Lake City.

Some Local Brewers Face Tough Price Hike fo Aluminum

The cost is what it is right now. The actual number might not jump off the page at you. The increase is three cents for each aluminum can. However, that adds up. It adds up quickly for local brewers who order those cans in bulk. With over a million cans ordered for each label, that’s a huge hike to that particular brewers’ budget. He continued, “The people that actually roll the flat aluminum to be able to make the can, the cups for the cans, have been increasing their price.” It’s a tough situation for local breweries that rely on aluminum cans to be in.

He added, “You take it out of our pocket, the employees suffer because of it, the company suffers because of it and you know we take less home.” The hike affects the business. It affects the folks who work there, too, because there is less money to go around with the three-cent hike. He concluded, “Anybody’s who’s not a Coca Cola, or Monster Energy, or Budweiser or Miller Coors in the beer industry, they’re basically left in the dark trying to put something on the shelf that looks halfway decent.” The little guys figure to struggle more with the price hike than the larger companies who might be able to take the hit.

Tennesse Wants to Make A Difference

Tennessee wants to help its farming industry. One of the ways they have thought outside the box is to encourage craft brewers to use homegrown farm products in their concoctions. Still, there is an incentive for the brewers to ensure this happens. The goal is to use homegrown farm products in return for more support in

The Tennessee Guild’s director Sharon Creek said, “Craft brewers in Tennessee are creative and innovative.” Her statement continued, “many have already discovered the advantages of using Tennessee-grown products in their offerings. Farm To Tap is a tremendous opportunity to give an economic boost to our farm economy, provide new product lines for the ever-growing craft brewing sector, and give consumers more ways to support local businesses.”