Maryland’s Signature Old Bay Seasoning Is Branching Out Into Vodka

by Matthew Memrick

It was only a matter of time before Maryland’s signature Old Bay Seasoning branched out into vodka in ABC stores.

Hey, something’s got to take the place of all that Russian vodka banished from the shelves — just kidding. I like Low Country Boils, so why not take that pleasant spice and add it to some excellent vodka.

In a Tweet Thursday, the company revealed they’d been working on the alcohol project since 2019. They also said that the product would be available in mere days in Maryland and Delaware. But no Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina? Come on, man.

By the way, the vodka is seventy proof or 35% ABV. 

Maryland Distillery Making Vodka For The Fans

Hanover, Md.-based George’s Beverage Company was behind the upcoming vodka with help from neighbor McClintock Distilling and Old Bay parent company McCormick & Co.

The company said the corn vodka will be distilled six times “for maximum purity and smoothness.”

How are you going to use this Old Bay Vodka? The company said Bloody Marys, of course. The website ( offers a few great suggestions for using it. Grapefruit soda, ginger spritz, vodka seltzer, and even salsa are some of the company’s ideas.

“The idea to collaborate to craft Old Bay Vodka made perfect sense from the start,” George’s Beverage Company co-owner Greg David told WJLA.

David told the news station it had a national distribution set up with top distributors and a supply chain. The co-owner had plans to find a local craft distillery. They found McClintock Distilling.

George’s and McCormicks worked together on bloody Mary mixes in the past, so David said this was the next step.

“I love vodka, and it’s a big part of what we serve with our bloody Marys,” David told The Baltimore Sun. “We wanted to make a great, delicious-tasting vodka.” 

Interestingly enough, David’s company gets its water from a Kentucky aquifer. 

Maryland Residents Warming Up To Planned Old Bay Vodka

Maryland’s governor jumped on the Russian vodka cancellation, advocating his home state’s new hootch.

“Who needs Russian vodka when you can get Old Bay Vodka?” Hogan Tweeted.

McCormick Chief Marketing Excellence Officer Jill Pratt praised fans who loved Old Bay. Do you call them Old Bay freaks? Old Bay Heads? Who knows.

In addition to stores, some restaurants plan to sell the stuff.

Anyway, Pratt said the company was “thrilled” to work with George’s to bring the spice to “fans in entirely new, exciting, and innovative ways.”

There’s no word on whether the vodka will make its way outside the region.

For more information and recipes, go here. The newspaper said the vodka would retail for $18.99 to $20.99 per bottle once it hits the stores soon.