Mast Landing Brewing Announces New Beer Festival

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Good news, Maine beer lovers! Mast Landing Brewing has announced its very own beer festival that will be happing this summer. 

According to Mast Landing Brewing, the beer festival is the Wavy Days Festival. It will take place the weekend of July 23rd. The event will be at the infield of the former Scarborough Downs Racetrack in Scarborough, Maine. It will also feature a variety of beers. 

While sharing more details about the beer festival, Mast Landing Brewing states, “The Fest will be our central event for the weekend. A full 4-hour session with beers being poured by 40+ excellent breweries from across the country.”

Among the breweries also participating in the beer festival are Dancing Gnome Brewery, Bissell Brothers, Vitamin Sea Brewing, Other Half Brewing Company, Schilling Beer Company, Southern Grist Brewing Company, and DSSOLVR. 

Meanwhile, Mast Landing Brewing says it is planning to open the option of preordering Wavy Days Festival merchandise at a discounted price. Tickets range from $10 to $70. Shirts and pint glasses will be available upon entry to the event. Merchandise will not be available for purchase without a ticket. 

However, those attending the festival must be 21 years of age. Pets cannot attend the event.

Mast Landing Brewing Opened in 2015 With an Independence and Socially Conscious Mindset

Since opening in 2015, Mast Landing Brewing states it has showcased its own beers at festivals across the country and internationally. The beer company says it focuses on brewing the highest quality of beers. While also using its independence and socially conscious mindset to support its local community and industry. 

“Our goal is to make sure that each Mast Landing beer that you drink is amazing,” the company declares. “Whether you’re visiting us in Maine or enjoying a pour at your favorite bar and restaurant with family and friends.”

Mast Landing Brewing recently released its first barleywine, Sincerely Yours. During a recent interview with Press Herald, Mast Landing Production Manager, Weston Shepherd, revealed that while designing the beer, the brewers did not want to “overcomplicate” things. “We let the malt and the aging process work their magic.”

Shepherd further explains that the beer was placed in wood to enable some oxidation. This is due to the barrel’s porousness. “Oxidation is generally the enemy of beer. However, with the right base beer and the right amount of aging time in a barrel, it can really cause some fantastic flavors and aromas that aren’t replicable any other way.”

Shepherd also reveals that the beer was sojourned in bourbon barrels for 17 months before canning. It has 13% ABV. It is also described as opaque and ruby brown. And smells like cheery liqueur characters. Press Herald notes that the beer has a chewy body and smooth texture.