Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Wants to Give You PTO (Paid Time Outdoors): Here’s How

by Lauren Boisvert

When is the last time you spent any amount of time outdoors? When was the last time you actually used your PTO? And no, taking a half day to go see your sister’s choral concert doesn’t count. I’m talking about real vacation time, going to the great outdoors, getting off of your phone and away from the computer.

Michelob ULTRA is looking to give you that much-needed time off to reconnect with nature and reconnect with yourself. Michelob is hosting a contest giving lucky beer drinkers the possibility to win a trip to a vacation rental in a remote location–a stay in the mountains, at the beach, at a lake, or in an ideal hiking destination. Beer fans 21+ can enter the contest here.

There’s a catch, though. In order to receive Paid Time Outdoors, you have to stay off your phone and laptop. That means no WiFi in any of the vacation locations. Paid Time Outdoors is all about unwinding, recharging, and staying away from the screens. Think you can do it?

Michelob ULTRA Wants You to Get Outdoors, Something We Can Definitely Get Behind

As someone who loves the outdoors but doesn’t have much time to get out in them (I know, ironic coming from someone who works at a website all about the outdoors), I entered the contest immediately. Here’s what you need to do: first, you have to be 21 or older, that’s a given. Next, Michelob asks how winning a remote getaway outdoors would help improve your life. This is key, because three people are going to be reading your entries and figuring out who needs a vacation the most. More on the judges later.

(Image Courtesy of Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold)

As for me, I need time in an environment with fresh air that didn’t come from an AC unit and the snake plant in my office. Sure, my little plant does its best, but it’s just not the same as being surrounded by pure forest air. You get to choose your preference for where you’d like to go–mountains, beach, lake, hiking–and then draft a mock out-of-office email. (I wrote, “If you need me I’ll be in the woods, so try not to need me.” Pretty good, right?)

Then you submit your entry and then comes the waiting. You must enter the contest by October 7, 2022. Additionally, the getaway is the Grand Prize, but there are opportunities for more prizes as well. These include annual National Park passes and official Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold merch.

Who’s Reading These Things?

For the judges, Michelob tasked Corporate Natalie, The Wade Empire, and Corporate Bro with reading the entries and making a decision. Corporate Natalie is a TikTok star who creates relatable videos for Millennials and Gen-Z who are navigating the corporate world during a pandemic.

Terrell Wade of The Wade Empire has over 10 years of experience in the corporate world, and now he’s taking over social media with his relatable jokes about living the corporate office life.

Finally, Corporate Bro (AKA Ross Pomerantz) created Corp Capital, but when he isn’t working in the tech world, he’s doing sketch comedy about “The Silly Valley,” a play on Silicon Valley.

In short, Michelob ULTRA is offering a great opportunity for people who work in the corporate world, own their own business, work from home, or just work in general. Because we all need a little Paid Time Outdoors every once in a while.