Mike Rowe Whiskey: What to Know About Knobel Spirits, the Beverage Inspired by His Grandpa

by Joe Rutland
(Photo By Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Family history matters to Mike Rowe. His connection with his grandfather plays a role in his own brand of whiskey. People know Mike Rowe, of course, from Dirty Jobs on TV. But there was a time when he had other plans for his life. They involved a man named Carl Knobel, his grandfather. He was a man who worked with his hands and own knowledge of fixing things. No wonder the future TV show host would do his own style of handyman work.

Mike Rowe Whiskey Takes Its Name From Grandfather Carl Knobel

This new venture of Knobel Spirits is something that has a lot of personal meaning. As Rowe tells it, Carl Knobel lived next door to where he grew up. Carl’s work simply was as a handyman who could do it all. Mike says that Carl just knew how things worked and didn’t really have a need for an instruction book. One might say that his grandfather had an intuition about him that let him fix things that needed work done.

On the whiskey’s website, Rowe shares a quote from his grandfather that meant a lot to him. “God gave me a toolbox, Mike,” Rowe writes. “He gave you one, too, But he didn’t give us the same one. Have a look inside your own toolbox.” This theme has stayed with Mike and he finds solace in it. Now, he’s offering up his own salute and honor to Carl through Knobel Tennessee Whiskey.

Four Types Of Whiskey Packages Are Available For Purchase

There are four types of packages made for purchase. One is titled “Just The Juice” and, well, we think you know what that’s about. Just a bottle of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey goes for $64.95. Then, if you want to get fancy, there’s “The Juice Gift Box Limited Edition” for $89.95. Another offer for you comes in the form of “The Juice With Autographed Closure Limited Edition” for $89.95. Finally, look to pick up “The Works Limited Edition” for $205.95. Go put your order in right here for some Knobel Tennessee Whiskey that you can enjoy along with Mike Rowe.

If you do happen to buy your Knobel Tennessee Whiskey online, then know that 100 percent of the online net proceeds from those limited edition items benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation.

Mike created both mikeroweWORKS and Dirty Jobs as tributes to Carl Knobel. Now, there is another piece to the honors he passes along to others in the name of his grandfather. That work ethic remains strong in Rowe and he shows that in his TV shows. It’s the backbone of Knobel Spirits and is just a tender way for Rowe to let people know what has helped him throughout life.