Miller Lite Introduces Beer Drops to Add ‘Beer Taste’ to Light Beer

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MAC Presents)

National Beer Day is upon us, Outsiders, and Miller Lite intends to celebrate in a unique way – with limited edition Beer Drops. Miller Lite knows what it offers beer enthusiasts across the country. It’s everything you’ve always wanted in a beer. And less. And those other light beers? They might as well be water.

Well, for a limited time, Miller Lite is resolving your light beer woes. Turning down a free beer is blasphemy, but when you’re handed a beer that doesn’t quite reach your standards in taste, what do you do? With Beer Drops on hand, you can simply whip out the small bottle, put a few drops in your subpar beer, and voila! Delicious Miller Lite taste in every sip.

Miller Lite describes their Beer Drops as a “liquid taste enhancer that adds more beer taste to other light beers.” Ahead of the Drops’ April 6 release, global VP of Miller family of brands Sofia Colucci described the new product in the Miller lineup.

“We see Beer Drops as a fun yet competitive extension of our new campaign to highlight what sets us apart,” said Colucci. “Miller Lite has been an iconic brand since 1975 for good reason. It’s remained true to itself while other light beers have diluted what they’re all about.”

“We know there’s a practical side to why people love Miller Lite,” Colucci continued. “And that’s because it’s a light beer that embraces the taste of beer. But at the same time, there’s an emotional component – it’s that first-sip feeling that ‘Miller Time’ represents.”

Coors Banquet Joins Miller Lite in National Beer Day Celebration

With a holiday like National Beer Day on the horizon, it’s no surprise that Miller Lite isn’t the only brand preparing for the festivities. Coors Banquet is also celebrating the occasion. However, instead of Beer Drops or an amusing ad campaign, Coors will release limited-edition packaging and apparel for its Coors Banquet Legacy Collection.

In addition to collectible cans and bottles, the Coors Banquet Legacy Collection will come with a QR code. Scanning the code grants access to an exclusive merchandise collaboration with Huckberry, an American-based premium apparel brand.

Ahead of National Beer Day, Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing at Coors, gave his thoughts on the release. “Coors Banquet is not only an iconic American beer brand,” Pascoa said. “But one that is committed to the guiding principles that established our legacy. With the release of this collection, we want to give everyone the opportunity to own a part of the Coors Banquet legacy by raising a can or wearing the merch in celebration of the one and only Banquet beer.”