Nevada Casino to Pay $8M For Reportedly Serving Chemicals Instead of Beer

by Megan Molseed
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A casino patron got a dangerous surprise a few years ago when he visited a bar and Casino in Henderson, Nevada. The man, Lon Enwright, asked for a sample of a particular beer on tap while visiting the Barley’s Casino and Brewing in Nevada. However, the casino instead served the customer chemicals which resulted in permanent injuries. Now, the Nevada casino is on the hook to pay the customer millions of dollars in compensation for the incident.

The Quick Facts

  • A jury orders one Nevada casino to compensate a customer millions after the man complains of sustaining injuries when served chemicals instead of beer.
  • In 2018 Nevada Casino served a customer chemicals after the man ordered a beer on tap.
  • The beer contained chemicals used to clean out beer taps and lines.
  • After ingesting the chemicals, the customer, Lon Enwright, suffers from permanent injuries and an increased risk of cancer.

The Customer Orders An Ale Sample At Nevada Casino…Instead, the Casino Serves Him Dangerous Chemicals

A Las Vegas jury has awarded an $8 million settlement to a middle school special education teacher. The customer sustained the injuries after being served cleaning solvents instead of the tap beer he ordered. The man, 38-year-old Lon Enwright says he lost his sense of taste and smell after the 2018 incident.

The suit notes that Enwright had ordered a sample of a Honey Pale Ale which the bar advertised as having on tap. Instead, the bar employees serve Enwright a drink consisting of a “dangerous cleaning solution.”

These solutions, potassium hydroxide, and nonylphenol polyethylene glycol ether are used when cleaning the bar taps, the tanks, and the lines.

The Customer Sustained Permanent Injuries and Health Issues After Ingesting Chemicals At Casino Bar

Lon Enwright, a Ph.D., continues to suffer from stomach and esophageal ulcers after the incident; as well as an increased risk of cancer. Additionally, Enwright has permanently lost this sense of taste due to ingesting the chemicals. Enwright’s attorney notes that his client has experienced “the loss of enjoyment of life” due to the incident.

“After drinking the sample, Dr. Enwright experienced a sudden and intense burning in his mouth,” Enwright’s attorney says.

“On his tongue, and down his esophagus into his stomach,” the lawyer continues.

“He soon began convulsing, hyperventilating, and violently vomiting before Henderson Fire Department arrived to the scene,” the statement reads.

Enwright’s lawyers also note that employees were aware of the fact the beer lines were out of service for cleaning at the time of the incident. Furthermore, the attorney’s note, the casino admitted liability before trial, offering $300,000 in compensation for the damages.