New Jersey Brewery to Brew and Sell Ukrainian Beer to Raise Money

by Michael Freeman

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, support for the latter country has only continued to increase. In addition to many outlets no longer selling Russian vodka, beer distributors and breweries are doing their part to support Ukraine. On that note, a New Jersey brewery announced it would brew and sell Ukrainian beer to raise money and aid them.

Icarus Brewing Co. owner Jason Goldstein spoke to NJ Advance Media about the endeavor. Knowing beer often brings people together, he wants to use his brewery to aid a humanitarian cause. Collaborating with Pravda Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine, the two parties are creating a local batch of one of its Ukrainian beers to sell in New Jersey. This comes shortly after Pravda Brewery made a public statement asking international brewers to “join the fight, and help us win this ugly war.”

“You can’t look at the news right now, see what’s going on in the world, and not immediately throw your entire heart into it,” Goldstein told NJ Advance Media. “I said, ‘This is something I want to do, but we need to change our entire brew schedule to make this possible.’ But every single person jumped right on it anyway.”

Pravda Brewery shared its recipes to brewers worldwide to invite them to create them in hopes of increased visibility and Ukraine aid. The organization’s social media accounts have also been collecting funds to support the homefront. Icarus Brewing Co. will sell its own version of Pravda Brewery’s “Putin Huylo,” a dry-hopped strong golden ale. As you might guess, it mocks Russian President Putin.

“I hope this really just brings awareness to people and encourages them to help out. Whether it is by buying the beer or donating online, whatever it is. Hopefully, it opens those eyes and opens those checkbooks,” Goldstein said.

Wisconsin Brewer Makes their own Ukrainian-Style Beer and Plans to Donate Profits

Pravda Brewery’s recipes reached many breweries, it seems. In addition to Icarus Brewing Co. creating their own Ukrainian beer, another one in Wisconsin is doing the same and there’s a personal stake involved.

Bare Bones Brewery owner Dan Dringoli appeared on Fox News recently to talk about the beer his company is brewing. The idea came to be because a good friend of Dringoli’s happened to immigrate from Ukraine. This inspired Dringoli and his brewers to do their research and they stumbled upon Pravda Brewery’s recipes online.

Dringoli notes the specialty brew contains 8 percent alcohol, which happens to perfectly represent the region and its beer. They plan to sell six-packs for $12. Creation costs equal $6, so the other $6 will go to humanitarian efforts to help Ukraine. The Wisconsin brewery hopes to raise at least $3,000 for the effort.

If you’re wondering how it tastes, Dringoli sadly reported even they don’t know how good it is yet.