New York Brewery Launches Beer to Benefit Old Glory Restoration

by Amy Myers
(Photo credit should read PIERRE VERDY/AFP via Getty Images)

One New York brewery has decided to create a new beer called the Old Glory American lager that will help bring back to life an important piece of history – a World War II bomber. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and Brewery proudly began brewing Old Glory in December 2021 and has now officially launched the line. Part of the proceeds from the new beer will now go to restoring the plane.

The Highlights

  • Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and Brewery launched a beer that will provide funds to restore World War II plane
  • The B-25 Mitchell saw combat during WWII and had to make a forced landing that caused significant damage
  • Beer comprises of ingredients used in 1940s

New Beer Will Help Put the B-25 Mitchell Bomber Plane Back in Flight

Currently, the B-25 Mitchell bomber sits at Hangar at 743 at Albany International Airport where mechanics are working hard to restore the plane to its former glory. Back in its prime, “Old Glory” saw action during World War II but was able to survive combat. Unfortunately, though, in 2020, Old Glory had to make a forced landing in Stockton, California on its way back to Albany, New York from a commemorating the allied victory.

The landing severely damaged the plane and officials had to bring it back to the Capital Region in several shipping containers. Now, though, Indian Ladder Farms has teamed up with the Prescott Foundation to restore the valuable piece of American history.

“It’s not painful, to be able to give back a little bit by drinking a beer is it?” said Dietrich Gehring, the co-owner of Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery, per ABC News affiliate, News10.

And the brewery’s staff is just as enthusiastic.

“For me, it feels great. Any way I can do is give back to the community, especially if there’s an airplane involved. I love airplanes,” Scott Veltman, head brewer at Indian Ladder Farms, added.

Veltman was actually the one who came up with the idea to team up with the Prescott Foundation. As an aviation fanatic, he wanted to create a beer that would support Old Glory.

‘Those Memories Last Forever’

Seeing a real-life WWII bomber is an experience that brings back a flood of memories for so many Americans that lived through World War II. Now, together, the two parties are helping to ensure that Old Glory will stand (and fly) strong for generations to come.

“Sure, you can go to museums and different places and see a static display B-25 just sitting there. But when you talk to people and when they actually go, wow what I remember is the sound, or the smell of that plane running, or the experience of going for a ride on one. Those are memories that last forever,” said David Prescott, the founder of the Prescott Foundation.

And the plane isn’t the only part of the process that brings people back to the 40s. According to Veltman, he even uses ingredients from that time so that the Old Glory beer “tastes like the 40s.” The head brewer uses corn and the brewery’s heritage Helderberg hops to help give it that unique flavor and memory.