Ohio Army Veteran Gives Up Food for Lent, Survives on Beer Alone to Raise Money for Charity

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

One Ohio Army veteran loves beer so much that he’s actually willing to give up food for it. His name is Del Hall.

Outsiders — have you ever heard of someone going on a beer diet before? Most of the time you hear someone say that they aren’t being serious. In the case of Ohio Army veteran Del Hall, however, he very much is. As he has done in the past, Hall will be giving up all foods and will be getting his calories solely from drinking beer. He will also be drinking water, coffee, and tea. This will be the fourth year that he’s done so.

“The hardest part is right now,” Hall told Fox 19. “The first five to seven days is just exhausting. I think in a way you’re addicted to food. A lot of Americans are addicted to food. Whether it’s habitual, we eat out of boredom.”

There’s no denying that Hall has come a long way since he started his beer-only diet back in 2018. Back then, he weighed around 325 pounds. But thanks to his legendary tradition, he has been losing around 40-50 pounds a year during Lent. He’s also been getting a lot of attention from the media and elsewhere.

“It didn’t really register until one day my phone rang and it said Vatican City,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘The Vatican is calling me,’ and it was a press secretary for the Vatican and she asked if I was mocking religion. And I said, ‘I’m a beer guy. I want to be genuine when I sell beer. I want to walk the walk.”

Ohio Army Veteran Also Owns 16 Lots Brewery

Well, it seems like Del Hall definitely walks the walk when it comes to beer. It turns out he is the owner of 16 Lots Brewery in Mason, Ohio. His passion for beer goes much deeper than just drinking it during Lent.

Check out one of Hall’s recent Instagram posts down below:

“Frat boy stunt?! That’s what a lot of folks have thought about my Beer Only Fast during Lent. The human body is amazing and I love the science involved. Looking forward to diving into the data provided by this Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) that I’m wearing this year.”

If you happen to make a trip to 16 Lots Brewery, make sure to try the Kenny’s Dey Drinking Lager, which benefits the Ken Anderson Alliance (KAA).

“Kenny [Ken Anderson] has a nephew, Drew, who has autism,” KAA Executive Director Kevin Potts explained. “And he has some pretty significant service-related needs. And that’s what got Kenny passionate, was the issues they were having with Drew finding not only accessible but affordable housing for him, but also appropriate services. And he said, ‘We’ve got to figure out something to fix that.’ So, we started the Ken Anderson Foundation.”

Hall explained why he holds the organization close to his heart.

“I have a 15-year-old daughter named Natalie with Cerebral Palsy. And the Ken Anderson Alliance does a lot for adults with disabilities, so even though she can’t use the services now I’m thinking in the future she will need that.”