Outside Beers: Jay Cutler, Jason Try Out Two Brews in a Truck Bed and Plan Their Perfect (Separate) Hot Tubs

by Emily Morgan

Outsider’s very own beer connoisseurs Jay Cutler and Jason Sheer are back at it again with their thoughts on two new brews. To beat the summer heat, the boys kicked back on the good ole’ tailgate and sipped on Jackalope Brewery’s Maple Brown Ale and Rhinegeist’s Cheetah Lager.

First up was Cinncinati’s Cheetah Lager, which according to their website, comes in at 4.8% ABV and promises that pure, crisp, and clean flavor we all search for in a beer. “I get why they named it Cheetah,” Jay said after his initial sip. “It is light, it’s clean, it’s fast,” he added while comparing it to the usual lager suspects like Miller Lite and Bud Lite.

Jason also chimed in with his opinion on the Cincy-made lager, arguing that it’s perfect for Outsider-approved outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or chilling at the beach on a hot summer day.

Before the boys cracked open their second cold one, Jason asked Jay if he knew how many gallons of beer are sold annually.

“I’m either going to nail it or be so far off that it’s not even funny, Jay admitted before throwing out 750 million. However, his jaw hit the truck bed when Jason shocked him by telling him that it was actually 35 billion.

After their round of beer trivia, they enjoyed a few sips of Jackalope Brewing’s Bearwalker maple brown ale. Coming in at 5.1% ABV, the Nashville-based brew was inspired by their brewmaster’s Vermont roots. An infusion of pure maple syrup and chocolate malts add roasted notes to the flavor.

Jay Cutler and Jason face off over whose signature shoes are No. 1

After getting in a swig, Jason took a moment to contemplate while Jay posed that it may have been “too sweet” for him. “It’s a heavier beer,” he added, saying it’s more fitting to enjoy when it’s cold out, and you’re by a fire or soaking in a hot tub.

After the guys discussed the idea of sharing beers in separate, co-joining hot tubs, they debated the perfect pairings for an ice-cold beer. Without hesitation, Jay fired off his answer, saying barbeque was his number one pick. “Some ribs, brisket, a summer day, maybe some coleslaw,” he added while Jason went with the classic pick: pizza.

To end the summertime-sipping segment, Jay had to unveil his killer pair of Jordans, which he says “looks like the milky way” with its shine and hints of glitter. But, on the contrary, Jason whipped out his Finnish-made Karhu’s, to which Jay added, “I’m not sure we have anyone in Finland watching this.”

Although Jay was confident he had the better kicks of the day, Jason told him that it wasn’t his decision. “The people will decide, so don’t feel like you already won,” he said confidently.

It’s always a good time when they get together for another episode of Outside Beers. As always, check out our Instagram to see what the boys try next, comment on who you think has the supreme shoes, or even suggest the next outdoor location… You know, because beers taste better outside.