Outsider Beers: Jay Cutler, Jason Try Natty Daddies Poolside and Jay Shows Off Vintage Nikes

by Amy Myers

On this edition of Outsider Beers, Jay Cutler and Jason Sheer lay out poolside to try some of the summer’s most popular libations – Natural Light Beer’s Natty Daddy and East Nash Beer’s Tennessee Sipper.

Previously, Jay and Jason have taken us through beers from Cincinnati and even the Dominican Republic. Now, they’ve chosen two brews from Baltimore and Nashville.

First on the docket was the new Natty Daddy, an eight-percent ABV beer with light fruity flavors and the same natural ingredients as the Natty Light.

Take a look.

At first, Jay was skeptical about the red, white and blue can in his hand. But once he had a taste, he began to change his mind.

“I’m scared to like this,” Jay said.

Meanwhile, Jason was taking note of all of the flavors packed into the beer, including banana, peach and flowers.

“I’m getting mostly just kind of watery beer,” he said.

Still, the two admired that despite the low-key taste, it still packed a punch.

“Eight percenters, a few of those and you might be feeling it,” Jason shared.

“Oh, you’ll be in this pool,” Jay added.

Jay and Jason Switch Beers and Grab a Tennessee Sipper

Next up was the Tennessee Sipper, a light, golden ale that boasted a light body and a bit of sweetness on the back end.

“I liked that name, a ‘sipper,'” Jason declared as he cracked the can.

The two agreed that the Natty Daddy had a bit more pizzazz to it, but Jason was still ready to tip this brew back.

“There’s a little bit more hops in this, but it’s not hoppy,” he said.

The taste actually reminded Jay of the days when he used to drink 40’s. Apparently, Jay used to drink Colt 45’s while Jason preferred Old English 1800.

“Sorry, Mom and Dad. That was 16,” Jason admitted. “Is that too early?”

From Hops to Kicks

The conversation quickly turned to the pair’s second favorite topic – killer shoes. Jason pointed to his new favorite pair on his feet, a pair of Nikes with orange and green accents.

“You may recognize these because they are yours,” Jason told Jay. “I was in your truck about two months ago. These were sitting in the back. Brand new at the time. I love these colors.”

He added that he’s been “wearing the hell out of them” because the pair “feels like summer.”

Then Jay took out his new pair of shoes, assuring Jason that they were going to take him back.

“I’m already jealous,” Jason said.

But that’s when things took a turn and things got a little intense.

As Jay showed off his new kicks, Jason wondered where the Nike swoosh was.

“Are those even Nikes?” he asked, warranting a look of shock from his Outsider Beers partner.

But Jay quickly clarified that this was because these shoes were the Penny Hardaway edition, named for the famed head coach of the Memphis Tigers. Still, this didn’t sway Jason’s opinion and he declared them “moon boots” equipped for skiing before tossing them back to Jay.

In need of another drink, Jay announced he would be reaching for another Natty Daddy, already hooked, before the two signed off:

“This is Outsider Beers… Because beers taste better outside.”