Sam Adams Is Paying Tribute to NFL Legend Tom Brady With New Beer

by Samantha Whidden

Boston-based brewing company Sam Adams announced on Friday (March 11th) a new beer that pays tribute to NFL legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

In a tweet, Sam Adams revealed that the Tom Brady-inspired beer is named GOAT. “The GOAT’s accomplishments are too big for a tweet, so we brewed a beer. Greatest of Ale Time has a tropical hop character brighter than his trophy case. A mouthfeel smoother than his spiral. And a flavor that would win 7 rings if beer could play football.”

Sam Adams’ Tom Brady-inspired beer is notably fermented with kveik, which is described as an heirloom farmhouse yeast. This kind of yeast notably highlights a variety of flavors and aromas such as peach and pineapple. 

Sam Adams goes on to reveal that the GOAT beer will be available in pre-sale starting Saturday (March 12th) at noon. It will be available for local pick-up and national delivery starting March 28th. However, it was also noted that only 199 cases of the special release will be available for local pickup at the Sam Adams Boston Brewery and taprooms and shipping through

Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL on February 1st. In an Instagram post, Brady writes, “This is difficult for me to write, but here it goes. I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. I have loved my NFL career. And now it is time to focus my time on other things that require my attention.”

As previously reported, Tom Brady won MVP of the NFL in 2007, 2010, and 2018. The quarterback stayed with the New England Patriots for 20 seasons. He then went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during his final two NFL seasons. 

Tom Brady Talks Life After the NFL

Just a little over a month after announcing his NFL retirement, Tom Brady opened up about what his future plans are. While chatting on SiriusXM Radio at the Seminole Pro-Member Golf Tournament, Tom Brady shared, “I’m just gonna take things as they come. I think that’s the best way to put it. And I don’t think [wiht] anything you never say never.”

However, Tom Brady has definitely been thinking about whether or not he has one more season left of the NFL in him.  “There are a lot of people, some players, who don’t necessarily have to be all in for them. I guess I’ve seen that quite a bit over the years. But I kind of, I’ve always felt for me, that’s how I had to do it.”

Tom Brady further explained that his teammates and coaches know that he gives them everything he can. “And it’s certainly not that I can’t do that. And it’s certainly not that I can’t play or continue to play. But I think there’s an important choice for me to make. And I think the choice is, everything certainly comes at a cost. And the cost is what am I missing out on other aspects of my life?”