Spirit Hound Distillers in Colorado Introduces Limited-Edition Five-Year Whiskey

by Amy Myers

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Spirit Hound Distillers has come out with a limited-edition, five-year whiskey. Introducing the Five-Year Rye Whisky, a spirit that has spent more than five years in new, fully-charred American oak barrels. It is an unblended “single-barrel” fashioned drink. The dark liquor is 70 percent rye and 30 percent malted barley. According to the distiller’s notes, you can enjoy flavors like black cherry and stone fruit. The perfect whisky for a straight sipper or an Old Fashioned.

What to Know

  • Colorado-based Spirit Hound uses fresh Rocky Mountain water
  • Five-Year Rye Whisky sits in charred oak barrels
  • New whisky features 70 percent rye and fruit-forward flavors

“Our rye whiskey has been aging for five years now at the distillery in Lyons, and we’re excited to see it travel across the state to reach whisky fans throughout Colorado,” Craig Engelhorn, Spirit Hound’s head distiller, said in a prepared statement.

He continued, “We released our rye for the first time last year and saw such a great response from our tasting room that we wanted to share it far and wide. The additional time spent aging lends a richer flavor and more dimensions to this year’s release.”

This February, Spirit Hound celebrated nine years with its annual release of rye whisky. Also in its portfolio are Honey Whiskey, Spirit Hound Gin, Mountain Bum Rum, Single Barrel Bourbon, Sambuca, and an un-aged version of its whiskey called White Dog Moonshine.

Spirit Hound Distillery’s Flagship Whisky Shares This Crucial Characteristic with New Five-Year Batch

As a Colorado-based distillery, Spirit Hound is proud of its direct access to the Rocky Mountains and the natural ingredients that its home provides. The most important of these ingredients is fresh Rocky Mountain water. The distillers incorporate this into each new bottle of liquor. This is the same water that helps cut the proof in the distillery’s flagship batch, Straight Malt Whisky. Even better, the Straight Malt is a single-barrel, unblended liquor as well. So, both of these varieties allow the drinker to experience all of the true, unmasked flavors.

Here’s what Spirit Hound has to say about its prized whisky that’s “100% Colorado from grain to glass”:

“Consisting entirely of barley that is both grown & malted in Alamosa, Colorado, we add a Scottish twist by including a small amount of peated malt. The whisky ages for a minimum of two years in new, full-size, charred American Oak barrels. After that, it’s up to the discretion of our distillers and the sensory panel to determine when bottling will occur.”

The Straight Malt Whisky has racked up quite a few awards, including a Gold medal from the 2020 Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Competition.