Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Heaven Hill Announces New Spring 2022 Release

by Madison Miller

We’ve got a new whiskey about to hit the shelves and it may just be heavenly. Heaven Hill Distillery, based in Bardstown, Kentucky, announced a new release coming in the spring of 2022. The distillery will be releasing Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond. A new edition joins the Old Fitzgerald collection every spring and fall.

This brand new release is a 17-year-old straight bourbon whiskey. It was delicately placed in barrels to slowly become rich and flavorful back in the fall of 2004. Now, the whiskey is getting bottled in the spring of 2022 at 100 proof. It will have an ABV of 50% as well.

New Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond from Heaven Hill

After sitting alone for 17 years, Heaven Hill’s newest creation is ready to socialize with whiskey lovers once again. Not to mention, this new whiskey series is going for quite the nostalgic look. The bottle itself is meant to look like a 1950s Old Fitzgerald-inspired decanter.

The Old Fitzgerald line is famous in the whiskey world. According to the official Heaven Hill Distillery website, the brand was first registered in 1884 and was sold to “Pappy” Van Winkle during Prohibition. It was soon purchased by Heaven Hill in 1999. The company first started producing whiskey out of the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

In addition to the Old Fitzgerald series, Heaven Hill has plenty of other drinks to offer the world. That includes the Larceny Small Batch and Larceny Barrel Proof.

The big question — what is the price of this 17-year-old bourbon. Well, if you’re interested in this new Bottled-In-Bond series you’ll need to dish out about $185 for the 750 mL bottle.

So far, it seems like people are enjoying the bottle. A couple of five-star reviews are gracing the product so far. One person said it’s so good the price of the bottle doesn’t matter to them. Another said it “sips beyond the typical 8 year bourbon. This is an absolute treat!”

New Experminetal Whiskey

Dogfish Head Brewery, a brewing company in Milton, Delaware, is famous for its collection of beers hitting shelves since 1995. Recently, the company explored creating spirits as well.

Additionally, the company announced it will be expanding its line of full-proof spirits. This will include the Alternate Takes Volume 3: Whiskey Finished in Apple Brandy & Apply Cider Barrels. It is a 90-proof whiskey and is distilled from pale malt. It is finished for more than three years in brandy barrels and French oak apple cider barrels from Angry Orchard.

“Alternate Takes Volume 3 has truly been a labor-of-love for our distilling team. It’s been in the works for more than three years. That makes my anticipation for this product launch even greater. It will be awesome to finally be able to send our full portfolio of house-made spirits to our neighbors up north (New York) and I’m excited to hear their thoughts on our distillery’s offerings,” Sam Calagione, the Dogfish Head owner said, according to The Whiskey Wash.