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G4 Tequila Releasing 1,000 Bottles of Limited Edition 6-Year Extra Anejo

by Caroline Bynum
G4 Extra Anejo 6 Year
Courtesy PKGD Group, G4 Tequilas

G4 Tequilas’ exclusive importer, PKGD Group, announced today that the brand is releasing an ultra-premium, limited-edition Extra Anejo. The tequila has been aged underground for 6 years in George Dickel barrels. It has been bottled at barrel strength, leaving it at 86 proof. Only 1,000 bottles will be available in the U.S.

Now, G4’s normal Extra Anejo is one of our favorites. It’s aged three years in very old George Dickel Tennessee whiskey barrels. The Extra Anejo has a soft oakiness, agave-forward flavors, and soft hints of citrus and vanilla.

These flavors are heightened in the 6-year.

“The tasting notes include floral and fruity, hints of spice, leather, tobacco, and citrus peel zest. Tequila lovers will enjoy vanilla with nutmeg and pepper for a touch of bittersweetness on the long finish,” notes the Press Release from PKGD Group.

One of our favorite things about this brand is master distiller Felipe Camarena’s dedication to the craft and taste of his tequila. He famously said, “I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles. I’m in the business of making great tequila.” Ironically, the bottle and packaging of the 6-Year Limited Release are spectacular.

In a video call today, we were shown the slick handcrafted wood boxes that encase each bottle. Each box is crafted from Brazilian Parotta wood and due to the wood’s unique range in color and grain patterns, every box will have its own unique look. The boxes are handmade in Guadalajara and emblazoned with the G4 logo along with Camarena’s signature.

The inside of the box features a gold plaque with an excerpt on the brand.

The plaque reads: “Somos la cuarta generación de productores de Tequila, supervisamos personalmente cada paso, comenzando con la selección de nuestros agaves y cuidando meticulosamente todo el proceso para garantizar la máxima calidad.”

Translated: “We are the fourth generation of Tequila producers, and we personally supervise each step, beginning with the selection of our agaves and meticulously supervising the entire process to guarantee the highest possible quality.”

Even more, the bottle is a masterpiece on its own. While the Extra Anejo features a black label with gold lettering, this 6-Year expression flips the color combination around, showing off a flashy gold label with black font. He may not be in the business of fancy bottles, but Felipe has checked both boxes with this creation: beautiful bottle and tasty tequila.

The bottles will retail for $499.99 and only 1,000 bottles will be available across the U.S.