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G4 Tequila to Import Double The Previous Year’s Bottles in 2023, Aged Expressions Will Be Rare Finds

by Caroline Bynum
More G4 Tequila to be Imported in 2023

G4 Tequila, a name that stands for 4 generations of tequila mastery, is one of Outsider’s favorite traditional, additive-free brands. Recently, the brand has been hard to spot on shelves – especially the Anejo and Extra Anejo bottles. Shawn Miller, of G4’s US importer PKGD Group, confirmed to Sip and Tequiladies yesterday that we have MORE G4 tequila coming our way this year… but there’s a catch.

Miller confirms that his group has been promised double the amount of G4 bottles in 2023 than the US received in 2022, so more of the brand will be spotted on shelves – including more Reposado bottles. Anejo and Extra Anejos will remain hard to find, nearly reaching the collectible level of rarity (though we prefer to sip even the hardest to find if we can find it, rather than just let the bottles collect dust – the good stuff is for sharing, not storing).

More aged G4 is on the way – once it has time to age that is. “And you can’t make time unless you’re Don Julio” But we’re promised DOUBLE the Blancos and Reposados will be on US shelves.

There you have it. More G4 in 2023. It’s going to be a damn good year.

More About G4 Tequila

G4 is listed as one of our favorite Blancos and Extra Anejos on our Top Tequila Recs list, but the brand remains one of Outsider’s favorites overall, no matter the expression. The story, the process, and the taste all combine in the dark blue bottle to deliver a perfect sip – at not a bad price.

According to Outsider and On3 Founder Shannon Terry, the reason he buys G4 is simple:

  1. No additives, giving it an agave-forward, complex, yet smooth taste
  2. Crafted the old-school way, the way Tequila was intended to be
  3. Family-owned, four generations of craftsmanship. Not a contracted brand
  4. The family places importance on sustainability and craftsmanship
  5. All expressions can be sipped
  6. In the luxury category at a more than fair price
  7. No BS or marketing hype and not overly commercialized. Just great tequila
  8. The bottle is ugly AF

And yes, #8 is a true reason. Master tequilero Felipe Camarena says is best himself (in one of our favorite quotes – uh, ever): “I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles. I’m in the business of making great tequila.”