Vermont Craft Beer Scene Helped Grow the State’s Public Radio: Here’s Why

by Amy Myers

This Vermont craft beer brewery has decided to help one of the state’s most popular podcasts reach new heights. Brave Little State is a podcast on a mission to answer Vermont residents’ and Vermont-lovers’ most burning questions. The brewery, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, recognized the public radio show’s journalistic potential and wanted to help further their mission.

Here’s how Vermont Public Radio described their brave little show:

Brave Little State is Vermont Public Radio’s people-powered journalism project. We answer questions about Vermont that have been asked and voted on by our audience, and we bring our listeners along for the reporting, because we want our journalism to be more inclusive, more transparent and more fun.”

In the past, Brave Little State has covered a wide range of topics. This includes lighthearted subjects like, “Why do people like Phish?”

They also cover more serious inquiries like “I have Black children, and wonder if they would be made to feel uncomfortable if we moved to Vermont?”

According to Sean Lawson, CEO and founder of Vermont-based Lawson’s Finest Liquids, the idea to team up with the podcast came to him while he, himself, was listening to the show in his car. That’s when he decided to create “a Vermont beer made with Vermont-grown ingredients that might embody a small portion of the incredible spirit and essence of your brilliant show, and financially benefit Vermont Public Radio.”

How Vermont Craft Beer Brewery Is Promoting the Podcast

Brave Little State has no short of Vermont-based listeners for its show. However, now thanks to Lawson’s Fine Liquids, their cans are helping the podcast reach new listeners all across the country.

“We have always thought of our audience as both Vermonters and ‘Vermonters at heart’ — people who may have some emotional connection to Vermont thanks to their childhood, education or travels, but don’t live here full time,” the podcast explained. “So we see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to reach some of those folks by way of a beloved Vermont brewery — one that attracts beer-lovers from far and wide — and grow our community of listeners as more people discover our show via this brew.”

The Vermont craft beer brewery generously decided to give the podcast a prime piece of their marketing real estate. On the cans of their special brew, you can find the show’s logo and description. The brewery also included a QR code that brings consumers to the podcast’s landing page.

Even if the cans only bring in more regional listeners, Vermont residents love to see their favorite brands teaming up.

On Twitter, one Vermont-er wrote, “I’m an @vprnet#sustainingmember and I buy a ton of @LawsonsFinest for @Sugarbush_VT …..and their brews for a cause in support of VPR shows their big heart. Find Brave Little State at your local Lawsons’s dealer!”